February 6, 2011

GDP Special Report: Love Is Magical


Yesterday I was one of the few pin people who attended the Love Is Magical event in the Wonders of Life pavilion at Epcot. I’m not going to lie, before attending this event and the months leading up to the event from registration, I was a bit hesitant about this event as not much information was really put out there about it, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by this event.


This is definitely not a “September Event” caliber event, but (and its a big but), this was a $50 event, not a $175 event like the “September Event” is, so when everyone was complaining “its not like the September event”, I just stood there, and rolled my eyes. I even heard one guest say, “This event is sabotage, just so they can say it didn’t make enough money”, after hearing that I thought why would you even say that?, you like pins don’t you, (obviously since you have two suitcases full of them). My worst experience was guest wise, lots of nonsense complaints I overheard about the boards, the gifts, everything, like normal.

Ok, now from my nit-picky event guest complaints, here is my review of the Love Is Magical. Pre-registration opened at 10am, I arrived to the pavilion around 10:30ish, the line was decently long, but not too bad, it moved pretty fast for the length, I thought. After registering, I walked around the facility to see the small area of tables set up for trading on one side, then on the other side were 5 pin trading boards (though not there just yet), a spinning game, and a giant key hole. The trading activities didn’t open until 1pm, so I walked around then went to lunch. By the time I came back, it was 12:30ish and people were lining up for the activities.


Each guest received 6 coupons for the event: 4 trading boards, 1 Sweet Treat Experience, and 1 Good bye, bye, bye Gift. The trading boards had long lines, but I thought they moved rather quickly, and they were ‘refreshed’ every half-hour on the mark, which was good on Disney’s part. Unlike the ‘normal’ “September Event” the boards were NOT littered with Hidden Mickey pins, they were littered with tons of Artist Proofs, and Pre-Production pins, many people I talked to enjoyed them, I know I did. Some good pins I got included an LE 50 Stitch Disney Cruise Line AP, LE 100 Figment Bumper Sticker PP, and LE 500 Stitch Disney Cruise Line PP.


After waiting in line for the trading boards it was time for the dessert reception (sorry no pictures camera died, go figure). The selection was good, and it had a variety of chocolaty things.

Overall, the event was a nice event, worth the $50, in the end of the day to actually figure out it would have cost for the (Random) Jumbo Pin you received, the gift pin, and the various desserts, it adds up to more than $50. On a side note, my biggest disappointment was the LACK of Duffy, he was on the event logo, and that was it, I thought we might have a meet and greet with him, nope, no other merch, just the logo pin. This event is definitely not the best event I’ve been too (cough, cough Animal Kingdom events), or definitely not the worst event, it was ok.


Stay tuned later for pictures of the various previews offered at the event for upcoming pins… I see food, Star Wars and Walt Disney World’s 40th.