December 31, 2009

Year in Review—Part 4

Today we finish up our Year in Review series with the pins released around the world of Disney Theme Parks in October thru December.


October brought the 10th Anniversary of Disney Pin Trading (in Walt Disney World), with that anniversary came more pins.

First we have two LE 50 pins (only one shown), each featured the respective castle, Cinderella Castle (below), and Sleeping Beauty Castle. These sold out fast, you either liked them, or thought they were ugly. (Released October 1st, LE 50)10-01aAlso with the anniversary of Pin Trading, came a new set of two pins per month, the Walt Disney World Tribute Collection will last from October 2009- October 2010 featuring popular pins from the 10 years of Pin Trading. The first two were the popular Pin Trading Logo (first, below)10-01b

The second featured the popular Flubber 2000 pin. (Both Released October 1st, LE 1000)10-01c

Over in Disneyland Resort, the BAD NEWS Magazine cover collection premiered the issue with Oogie Boogie on it. (Released October 1st, LE 1000)10-01dWalt’s Classic Collection featured a set of four pins inspired by Sleeping Beauty. The pins in the set included Briar Rose with her Forest Friends (below), Maleificent and Diablo, Prince Philip and the Dragon,and Princess Aurora with the Three Fairies. (Released October 4th, LE 1000)10-04a

Across the pond, over in the United Kingdom, the Disney Store Europe (UK) released another popular pin. Another Grape Soda Bottle Cap pin. It is practically the same as the one released in the Disney Soda Fountain. (Released October 10th, LE 750)10-10a The Nightmare Before Christmas fans had a good month, first with the Oogie Boogie pin released on the BAD NEWS magazine cover, now Jack was released during the Pin Trading Night, as a part of the Pin Trading Knight set. Was sold out within minutes, and was released ON Piece of History Sunday. So it was DOUBLE THE MAYHEM, when both the PTK AND PoH pins were released. (Released October 11th, LE 500)10-11a

The Piece of History pin of Alice in Wonderland was released the same day as the Pin Trading Knight pin (above), so as stated above the mayhem to purchase the pins was horrendous, this was actually the START of the police being called to DLR because of unruly (and non rule following) pin traders. (Released October 11th, LE 1000)10-11b

The WDW White Glove 2009 collection continued in October with the release of this Figment WG ONLY at Epcot and Downtown Disney. (Released October 15th, LE 500)10-15a

Believed by Disney to be a very popular set, they have to be disappointed with this next set if pins. The DeeBees were officially released on October 15th featuring various DeeBees dressed in their location of where they are from. (Released October 15th, Open Edition, Mystery Set)10-15b

A rare Figment AND Dreamfinder set was released to the public in October. Many Dreamfinder and Figment pins are released at Epcot pin events, but not to the public. This was the first in a while. It featured individual pins, a “booster set”, and an Frame Set. (Released October 22nd, individual pins LE 1000, framed set LE 100, booster set LE 500)

The pins in this set included:


Released at the end of the month as a surprise pin at a  PTN in WDW, this 10 Years of Pin Trading pin was coveted by many at the PTN. Many others wondered why now at the end of October, and not in the beginning when they had the kick off event. Personally, I speculate (Not proven) is that they probably scheduled it to come out at the PTN on October 1st, but was probably delayed. (Released October 30th, LE 500)10-30aMoving into November…

The November BAD NEWS magazine cover featured Lady Tremaine as the cover lady. (Released November 1st, LE 1000)11-01a

November 1st, also brought the November edition of Walt’s Classic Collection. This month the set was inspired by 101 Dalmations, and featured four pins. The set included Roger Playing the Piano (below), Cruella de Vil, Cruella on Telephone, and the Dalmation Wedding. (Released November 1st, LE 1000 each) 11-01b

Walt Disney World’s Tribute Collection set, once again featured famous pins like Wet Paint (first, below).11-05a

And the oh so coveted (LOL) 2000 Dancers Pin. (BOTH Released November 5th, LE 1000)11-05b

This next pin has to be the MOST POPULAR, and had the MOST MAYHEM accompanying the release of the pin in DLR for the whole year. The Piece of History Haunted Mansion pin. This pin had the police called to the resort for crowd control and people parking ALL over property, and unhappy pin traders. (Released November 15th, LE 1000)11-15a

The Pin Trading Knights set continued with the Pluto as Knight released to coincide with the Pin Trading Night. (Released November 20th, LE 500)11-20a Disneyland Paris released a few “castle” pins featuring the castle with popular characters, like Stitch (below), and Mickey, Minnie, and Aurora. (Released November 21st)11-21

In Hong Kong Disneyland, a Walt Disney day pin was released to commemorate his birthday featuring Stitch, a birthday cake, and a gold medallion with the Partners Statue on it. (Released November 21st)11-21b Our final November pin is from DLRP and their Pin Trading Night collection, this rare glimpse of Abu was released during their PTN in November. (Released November 27th, LE 400)11-27

Moving on to our final month of the year, DECEMBER!!

The final pin in the BAD NEWS set features the Evil Queen on the cover. (Released December 1st, LE 1000)12-01a

In Walt Disney World, the Retro Gold Card Collection was released as a set of five that took the guests back to 1971. The set of five included the Skyway (below),    (Released December 3rd, LE 1000 each)12-03a

The final pins in the Walt’s Classic Collection were inspired by Cinderella. The set included Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother (below), Cinderella with Prince Charming, Cinderella with Mice, and Cinderella with Bubbles. (Released December 6th, LE 1000 each)12-06a

The final PTK pin of the year featured the lovable, and cute Stitch dressed in his medieval garb. (Released December 10th, LE 500)12-10a

Unlike most of the other Pin of the Month sets that ended in December, the Tribute Collection did not have its final pieces. It included the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Piece of History Series I (First pin in set) (below).12-10b

And the Pirates of the Caribbean E-Ticket pin. (Below). (Each Released December 10th, LE 1000 each)12-10c

The final 2009 Piece of History pin featured a piece of the Jungle Cruise. As always, it did sell out, just wasnt a MASS HYSTERIA. (Released December 13th, LE 1000)12-13a

Another Retro Gold Card Collection released in December was Orange Bird collection. A five pin collection featuring the Orange Bird and several sayings, including, Orange Bird, think orange thoughts, Florida, Squeeze Me, and Nice. (All released December 17th, LE 1000 each)20090728_OrangeBird

Over in Disneyland Paris, the annual Pin Trading Event themed to Christmas was themed this year to Villains, and many pins were released, the next two are just a sample of the many. Like this PTN Logo Malificent with Diablo (Released December 19th, LE 400)12-19 Or this Cruella de Vil with PTE logo as wreath around her. (Released December 19th, LE 600)12-19b

Our final featured item for the year comes out the LAST DAY of the year and is a Hidden Mickey Mystery Pouch. Almost a YEAR after being released on lanyards, and after many grueling trips to search for them, the Hidden Mickey Alphabet set is coming to a mystery pouch today (December 31st).12-31a


Our final Readers Choice!

10-01 10-02 10-22 11-05 11-19 (2) 11-19 12-03 12-05 12-06 12-31

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December 30, 2009

Year in Review—Part 3

Today we are over halfway done with our journey through 2009’s pins. We hope you have enjoyed what we have had so far. Today we will take a look at July thru September’s pins.


Moving on to the second half of 2009, we begin with July!

Released on July 1st, a few days before the official opening of the attraction, this Hall of Presidents pin was released to commemorate the addition of the 44th President to the attraction. (Released July 1st, LE 2500)07-01a

Over in Disneyland, their Hidden Mickey series were being released in baggies before being released on the CM Lanyards. Many people were not happy about it. The Princess Tea Cup set was released in the beginning of July while the actual one on the lanyards only showed up just recently in November. (Released July 1st)07-01b

The Scoop and Friends set continues with Scoop and Clarice as McGillitcutty in front of the Chapeau (part of the Emporium). This was also released early during the Museum of Pintiquities to attendees. (Released July 2nd, LE 1000)07-02a

Disneyland’s Walt’s Classic Collection continued with the pin set inspired by Bambi. The set featured Bambi and Friends (below), Thumper, Bambi and Mother, and Bambi. (All Released July 5th, LE 1000 each)07-05a

Also started in July was 2009’s second (and final one ever) GWP set, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Matterhorn mountain attraction. (Board below)

The White Glove madness continued in WDW in July when the Wall-E and EVE WG was released. IT sold out within hours. (Released July 9th, LE 500)07-09a

California continued the O-Pin House Summer Pin Festival into July with many more Haunted Mansion pins released, but the Diorama had to be one of the most popular pins of the whole set of pins. (Released July 9th, LE 250)07-09b

ALso in DLR at the end of July was the Haunted Mansion Pinbassador Release. That was mayhem. Like most Haunted Mansion releases it was busy with Pin traders waiting HOURS inline for the pin. BUT also it was the PINbASSADOR pin, which many people collect, even if an HM fan. Below is one of two Pinbassador pins released during the Pin Festival. Both were released on the same day. (Released July 26th, LE 500)07-26a The final pin for July that we will be covering is the Scoop and Friends AUGUST released, (in July) of Scoop with the Dapper Dans. (Released July 30th, LE 1000)07-30a

Another August pin released in July was the August edition of BAD NEWS, featuring Gaston. (Released July 30th, LE 1000)07-30b

Over in DLRP, their PTN came with the release of this Donald pin. (Released, July 31st, LE 400)07-31

August 2009 Releases!

Augusts' Walt Classic Collection brought a Peter Pan set of 4 pins, including Peter Pan and Wendy (below), Peter Pan with the Lost Boys, Peter Pan and Captain Hook, and the Darling Children. (ALL Released August 2nd, LE 1000 each)08-02a

The Disney Vacation Club opened their Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in early August, and what else was released to commemorate the opening then a pin. This was ONLY available to those who ARE DVC members. NOTE: This pin DID sell out and people waited in a VERY VERY long line when released. (Released August 4th, LE 300)08-04a

August’s Pin Trading Night brought a Pin Trading Knight Peter Pan pin. (Released August 14th, LE 500)08-14a

The next night WDW held their PTN and they released the next pin in their PTN set of Stitch in the Nights of Pin Trading set. (Released August 15th, LE 500)08-15a

DLR’s Piece of History in August featured Minnie and the Emporium from Main Street. This one of course sold out, but DEFINATELY NOT the mayhem that it normally is. (Released August 16th, LE 500)08-16a

August’s DLRP PTD brought the new PTN pin in the set featuring Runaway Brain Mickey. (Released August 29th, LE 400)08-29

Our final month we will be covering today is September.

Once again the PTK set continued with a popular character of Pooh as a Pin Trading Knight. (Released September 3rd, LE 500)08-03a

September brought the BEGINNING of the releases of the pins for the 10th Anniversary of Pin Trading, which didn't start until October. This is the logo pin. (Released September 3rd, OE)09-03a Walt’s Classic Collection’s set for September was inspired by Lady and the Tramp. The four pin set included, Lady and Tramp (below), Lady, Jock, and Trusy, Tramp and Tony, and Home Sweet Home. (Released September 6th, LE 1000 each)09-06a

October’s BAD NEWS magazine brought Jack Skellingon as the cover model for this pin. (Released October 8th, LE 1000)09-08a

In September, Disneyland Resort hosted a Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Merchandise Event on September 9th, 2009 (09-09-09) to celebrate Haunted Mansion’s 40th Anniversary. Many pins released, as well as other merchandise things, like chandeliers, and framed sets, all themed to Haunted Mansion. This Black Widow Jumbo Pin is one of the few pins released at the event. IT features Constance with axe in hand and pictures of her 5 past husbands with slider heads. (Released September 9th, LE 250)09-09a

On September 10th, the first D23 expo was held in California, and many pins were released for that, this is the Charter Year Membership logo pin, which members were eligible to purchase. (Released September 10th, Limited Release)09-10a

Disney Cruise Line entered into the Room Key pin collection with a set of two keys, one for each ship, Disney Wonder (below), and the Disney Magic. (Each Released on September 13th, LE 500 each)09-13a

Our final pin featured today from the United States is what else, but the Piece of History pin for September, showcasing the Swiss Family Treehouse, like the Emporium one in August, this one wasn't AS popular, but still sold out. (Released September 20th, LE 500)09-20a

This Tokyo DisneySea pin was released to commemorate the Turtle talk attraction, a copy of Turtle Talk with Crush in Epcot’s The Seas with Nemo and Friends, which opened on October 1st, 2009 in the American Waterfront section of the park. (Released September 24th, OE)09-24

Finally, for September we have the PTN pin of September featuring Baloo. (Released September 25th, LE 400)09-25


Onto the Readers Choice of this section… July 1st, 2009 through September 30th, 2009. Enjoy!07-22 07-26 08-06 (2) 08-06 09-10 09-24 09-25 09-26

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