March 30, 2009

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March 29, 2009

Similar Pins

The Matterhorn Bobsleds and Expedition EVEREST, both share more than just a mountain rollercoaster and a large Anamatronic Yeti/ Abominable Snowman. Of course they share similar pis, all of which were made for Expedition EVEREST around opening, then made into Matterhorn.

At Epcot's Pin Celebration 2006, It All Started with Walt... , a spinner pin was released with the spinner featuring Everest on one side and on the other side was Matterhorn.

March 28, 2009

The Symbol of the Mountain

Even though the mountain building is a feat in itself, the main point of the ride is the encoutner of the Yeti. The largest Audio Anamatronic made. The Yeti himself is a icon of the mountain and sometime of the park.

Many sets feature him, including this Gold Card Collection featuring Mickey and Friends encountering him face to face.

Some were scared by the encounter:
While others were not scared, like Stitch.
Also, in May 2008 a whole pin trading event was devoted to Expedition Everest and the Legend called, Expedition: PINS. Join Mickey Mouse and friends for an extreme "limited" expedition. The world famous Disney characters must return the lost pins from the ancient city of Tradeapin to the towering Forbidden Mountain. Once returned, these mysterious pins, each representing the elements of wind, water, earth and fire, will restore peace to the land.

By being an icon of Disney's Animal Kingdom, it also makes the Yeti a icon of Walt Disney World Resort. He is featured on many pins in other sets such as mystery tins and mystery packs, like these two pins.

He was even in the very popular Piece of Disney History Collection Set 2.

Next we will see and talk about the majestic mountain, itself...

March 27, 2009

Pins and Pics of Everest

Now while the last post focused on pictures and pins of the story of the attraction around the Yeti, today we will focus on the actual building/ mountain, it self, and its shape in pics and pins.

This pic was taken during the construction phase of the mountain, when the mountain was almost finished, and only needed the snowy peaks and details.
These next photos show a minor detail, that makes a big difference if you know it is there. The first pic shows the mountain and to the left in the lower corner is a small shrine to the yeti.

This pic shows at the right angle the shrine is actually built at the same shape of the mountain. And then hints at what is to come in the mountain, in the same area where the Yeti is housed int he mountain, it is housed in the shrine.

This next couple of photos are taken on the bridge between DinoLand USA and Asia, they show the majestic mountain from a not often seen angle.
This photo is taken from the bridge between Discovery Island and DinoLand USA, and shows a adventure is awaiting you in Asia, as the mountain peaks through the trees.

There aren't actually that many pins that feature the mountain. So here are a few of the few.

Most of the pins featuring the mountain shape are pins with the attraction logo on it.

Coming Soon... Our final Everest and Matterhorn article will feature some pins that the mountains share...

March 24, 2009

Pinvestigation: Legend of the Mountain

Even if you dont like rollercoasters, you can just explore the village of Serka Zong at the mountain's base. The whole story of this mountain and its surroundings is one of the best in any Disney Attraction.

The story goes like this:

Starting in the queue, the story begins and the surroundings begin to emerse you in the story. Depending which queue you take, you can have too different stories. IF you take the standby line, you begin to winding through the buildings of Serka Zong, and passby serveral Yeti tributes and statues and temples. Then enter into a Yeti Museum, a large back and forth area through the museum features artifacts and pictures from around the Himalaya Mountains, and replicas by the Imagineers and artisians of Asia. It tells the story through the line and entertains the guests while waiting for the attraction. Where if you take the Fastpass line, you are more of a new researcher or explorer, and wind through a explorers site and getting ready to board your steam donkey (the tea train).
Once boarded on your steam donkey, you begin your journey into the Forbidden Mountain. You go down a small dip and turn to the right and move through the small hills of Serka Zong, than begin your ascendention into the mountain. WHile making your way up into the mountain, you pass through a Temple devoted to the Yeti, and pass under a large painting , then continue up into the mountain. Once in the mountain you quickly do a small dip and turn left into the mountain. You turn the corner then see that the track is torn up and you stop. A hawk rises from the left as a hint at what is to come. Then, you start racing backwards into the heart of the mountain, and do twists and turns in the dark. Then, you go up and stop, looking down at a screen. THen a projection of a shadow of the Yeti comes into viewand he breaks the track. You go racing down and exit the mountain and go around and enter back into the mountain, go over a hump and exit once again, you do a double twist and enter back into the mountain. THen once in the mountain one last time, you finally encounter the yeti. Swiftly moving his arm to grab you and move underhim. And exit the mountain and once again pull into the unloading station.

As with Matterhorn Bobsleds many of the pins feature the Yeti, but not brown, why? (if anyone outhere know why the Yeti from Expedtion Everest is always pictured as white, when actually in attraction he is Brown, above, please comment here or email me, thanks)

Around opening day, Walt Disney Imagineering released a set (below) featuring badges symbolizing the expedition.

The attraction is a popular attraction featuring FastPass, see in the pin from a Hidden Mickey Series Collection.

More pics and pins coming tomorrow ...

March 23, 2009

Concept of the Forbidden Mountain

Once Disney offically released the information regarding Expedition Everest, the fans were excited. Not only because of a new THRILLING attraction in Disney's Animal Kingdom, but many thought that this could be the link to a new land of Beastly Kingdomme.

To start this out, lets go back several years where Disney Imagineers, including Joe Rhode, traveled to small villages in Nepal to investigate all there is about the Legend of this Forbidden Mountain, Mt. Everest. All the Legends pointed to a mysterious creature living in or around the mountain, the mysterious Yeti. The one element that the Imagineers focused on for this was a VERY important story to imerse the guests in the Legend, and actually make them feel as if they are in the Himalayas and searching for the Yeti. In their search for any information they could find for this Yeti, the Imagineers talked to most of the residents of the villages they visted. To get the most acurate portrayal of the beast the people call the Yeti. In a Quest for Authenticity, Joe Rohde collaborated with a monk in Nepal to learn the art of mining the raw earth to create colors. This unique method will be used to apply color and create authenticity to the buildings being created in the mythical village. The Walt Disney Imagineers went to great lengths to research the legends, architecture and lore of the areas they explored near Mount Everest to create a rich environment that reflects the spirit of the Himalayas. The imagineers had many designs for this Yeti, from a multi armed spirtual creature, to a extremely large monkey type creature, in all colors from white, to brown, to blue. And the plans for the encounter of the Yeti varied differently. From a direct encounter above him, to under him barely escaping his grasp, to a more mysterious encounter, (such as the Walt Disney Imagineer pin to the left).

After being announced at the 2003 Shareholders Meeting in March by Michael Eisner, it was officially announced and viewed by Joe Rhode on April 22, 2003 as a part of Disney's Animal Kingdom 5th Anniversary. With construction started in mid 2003 and finishing near late 2005, this mountain was built in about two years. This build was unlike anyother build for anyother Disney attraction, because the support, the track and sculpting all had to be done simultaniously. Because all fit into each other, and could not be built one by one. It was a giant puzzle.

With the January 2006 previews came pins for the Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members.

With previews started in January 2006, the hype and anticipation was growing and growing for all fans. And before opening on April 7, 2006, a countdown pin set was started 6 days before officially opening. With the set featuring Mickey and Gang going on an expedition.
Day 1-
Mickey Mouse and Goofy are at the base camp in the mythical village of Serka Zong with Mt. Everest in the background. They are excited for the upcoming expedition

Day 2-
Mickey Mouse avoids falling snow during his trek to Mt. Everest.

Day 3-
Mickey Mouse and Goofy find mysterious footprints outside their tent. Could these prints have come from the yeti?

Day 4-
Mickey Mouse and Goofy make a dangerous climb on their way to the summit.

Day 5-

Mickey Mouse passes through a dark and foreboding cave. Is the yeti just around the corner?

Day 6-

Mickey Mouse and Goofy find a car from the aging Anandapur Rail Service. Goofy and Mickey wonder if this train will take them to the top of Mount Everest.

Day 7-
Ancient legend holds that high in the Himalayan Mountains lives an enormous creature that fiercly guards the route to Mount Everest. Celebrate the Opening Day of Expedtion Everest with this Limited Edition Jumbo Pin. This pin features Mickey Mouse and Goofy narrowly escaping the yeti after their trek to Mount Everest
Coming Up ... The Story of the Mountain and the Pins