March 28, 2009

The Symbol of the Mountain

Even though the mountain building is a feat in itself, the main point of the ride is the encoutner of the Yeti. The largest Audio Anamatronic made. The Yeti himself is a icon of the mountain and sometime of the park.

Many sets feature him, including this Gold Card Collection featuring Mickey and Friends encountering him face to face.

Some were scared by the encounter:
While others were not scared, like Stitch.
Also, in May 2008 a whole pin trading event was devoted to Expedition Everest and the Legend called, Expedition: PINS. Join Mickey Mouse and friends for an extreme "limited" expedition. The world famous Disney characters must return the lost pins from the ancient city of Tradeapin to the towering Forbidden Mountain. Once returned, these mysterious pins, each representing the elements of wind, water, earth and fire, will restore peace to the land.

By being an icon of Disney's Animal Kingdom, it also makes the Yeti a icon of Walt Disney World Resort. He is featured on many pins in other sets such as mystery tins and mystery packs, like these two pins.

He was even in the very popular Piece of Disney History Collection Set 2.

Next we will see and talk about the majestic mountain, itself...

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