June 30, 2009

Many Logos of the Museum

With the design and brainstorming for events planned way ahead of the upcoming one, when announced in September 2008, the Museum of Pintiquites had many logos and different designs... This is the original, bland, logo when they announced the event.Then later in the design stages, the logo got a more artsy and modern feel with several of these different logos...Then they added Mickey to the logo to feel more 'Disney'...THese are the final designs of the colors they will use for the different sections of the museum, green for natural history, orange for art, and purple for science and industry, and maroonish red for the main theme and logo of the museum....Once the colors were selected they started working on more logos....This one is very bland and boreing...THey then added characters to the designs.... As you can see, the color choices for Art and History were switched in the final pin designs....Here are several more designs for logos...The final design features Mickey with the keys to the museum...The final choice for colors and characters for the three themes, Natural History, Art and Science and Industry... This is just Behind teh Scenes at the museum, a Frame Set from the event...


Tomorrow we will do Pics and Pins of Natural History section of the Museum of Pintiquities....

June 29, 2009

Musuem of Pintiquites Week Begins...

Im back from the Museum of Pintquities... It was great... Thanks to all who followed me on twitter and such... I hope you all enjoyed...
Lets just say it started off good by us being upgraded from Coronado Springs to Wilderness Lodge (that is why there are lots of pics of teh room and surrounding area) becuase CS was packed full, and WL was said to be at capacity... Then we headed over to the Yacht Club for Early Registration, but first ate at Beaches and Cream. (sorry no pics from registaration because forgot camera in car) THe line seemed long when we got there, but it moved pretty fast. IT was organized. Then we walked around the trading room, didnt really do much trading... Went to dinner then headed to DIsney's Hollywood Studios to walk around and more importantly, see Luxo Jr. (have pics)
Got to Yacht Club to eat breakfast then headed to Epcot, by the time we got to the gate, the park was open, but the line to get in the park was LONG. We walked to World Showplace and got in line around Canada, the line to get in was organized and moved rather quickly. Once inside i was hit with a refreshing coolness, that i what i like about the WOrld Showplace, it is always cold... I stood in lines most of the day to get the new HIdden Mickey pins. The boards were FULL of the them. I mean i was the person right BEFORE they refreshed them and they had LOTS more of the new HMs to choose from. Walked around the back and talked to people. THen for dinner i headed to Paradisio 37, in Pleasure Island, it was good (have pics of food). THen we walked around PI then headed to Riverside for the CJDPT pin trading event... THat was great (dont have pics because camera battery died). I met lots of people and made a couple trades...
Got to Epcot about the same time as Friday but line to get in was not as long. We got into the park and to World Showplace and was just around the bend, near the food cart near World Showplace. Got in and moved to lines to get more time at the boards... Saturday morning and later saturday afternoon, the board lines moved SLOW, even though i was like the 5th person in the first line, it took about 10 minutes, at least to get to the board to trade, over all it was good. Then I looked at the Pin Partners, the WDW pins, DLR, DCL pins, DSF pins, and of course VINYLMATIONS (i have many pics)... And they will have an Orange Bird, which is a passholder exlcusive... I stood in line again, and walked the back and talked to people... Then it was time for the "Scoop One O'Clock Pin CHAT", even though it was advertised as a TALK, it was a chat with Steven and little talking with Scoop. I think many people were a bit dispointed becasue they advetised it as a TALK, and thought it would be like his old talks on Main Street, it was ok... We learned many new things that are coming, (many of which have been said on this board in the news section, so i wont explain them again) but i am exicited for the Trade City USA... Then was the Silent Auction and the Ultimiate Trivia Challenge, i didnt get picked for it But it was good, some questions were hard some where easy... Finally they gave away the three grand prizes, The Masterpiece, Great Discovery and the Breakthrough... THen there was a suprise, the new Disney AMbassadors and Steven picked three people to have admission to next years Trade City USA, and each person could also bring one guest, so in total they gave away SIX admissions to next years event... Congratulations if you are one of those winner.... THen we left and headed to Magic Kingdom for the night (have pics)..
On sunday we didnt head to the event because we had all we wanted so we headed to MK again for teh Hall of Presidents AP preview... The updates were really good, nice crisp pics and such, and of course great AAs by WDI. I dont have pics becuase they said no photography, but people were taking pics... We got into the first showing before 11am and the lines that i saw the rest of the time i was there were not long... IT was a good preview....
I hope you enjoy the pics...
If anyone out there has pics or reports or comments on the MOP event... Please share by emailing them to me at gdpinvestigator@gmail.com... Also im still looking forward to read all your PinSpectives.... Tomorrow we will start our MOP series on teh sections of the event... Art, History, and Science as we look at the Pics and Pins of each....Stay Tuned...

June 25, 2009

Gone Pin Tradin'....

The blog will not have updates from today (Thursday June 25th) to Sunday June 28th...

I will be at the Museum of Pintiquites.... Hope to see some of you there...
For updates from the Pin Celebration 2009- Museum of Pintiquites vist my Twitter at http://twitter.com/gdpinvestigator

Expect updates throughout my trip and even some pics... you can visit my pictures as the event is going on at Twitpic at http://twitpic.com/gdpinvestigator

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Hope You All Enjoy!!

June 24, 2009

O-Pin House Kick Off Event Pics

A memeber from Laugingplace.com posted these pictures fromt he O-Pin House Kick Off Event at the Disneyland Hotel from last Saturday... Check it Out... I hope you enjoy...

Extra! Extra! Read All About.....

Today we will start a new weekly post about the newest Disney News, from Pin Trading, to Parks and More... But mostly staying with Pins...
First off we have Walt Disney World news... All of which has to do with the Musuem of Pintiquites...
-Some details about the Grand Prizes for the Disney Pin Celebration 2009. For the past several years there have been three grand prize packages. These prizes are awarded to three randomly selected Guests. This year, the Grand Prize ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 27 around 5:30 p.m. (immediately following the Ultimate Trivia Challenge). Guests don't have to present when these prizes are awarded (but it would be really cool if they were). The theme of this year's prizes are The Masterpiece, The Great Discovery and The Breakthrough. They will be on display near the silent auction display at the event in World Showplace.

-Early registration for this event will begin on Thursday, June 25 at 12:00 p.m. in the Convention Center at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resort. Early registration will be held until 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. Registered Event Guests only can trade in a special area at the Convention Center from 12:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. From 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., we open the doors for all Guests to attend a special edition of Mickey's Pin Trading Nights. We look forward to seeing you there

On to Disneyland News... In the world of Pin news mostly having to do with the O-Pin House pins...
-Come out and trade has returned to Westward Ho Trading Co. in Frontierland® at Disneyland® Park. This fun activity will be held each day throughout the summer from 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Please note that if there is inclement weather, we'll have to cancel the activity. You'll also need admission to Disneyland® Park to participate.

-Disney has had several questions about the Hidden Mickey- Princess Tea Cups Pouch. While in the past they have released Hidden Mickey Mystery Pouches after the initial release on Cast Member lanyards, the Princess Tea Cups series will not be distributed to Cast Members until later this year. The information for which pins will be released on Cast Member lanyards at the Disneyland® Resort in July.
-Now in O-Pin House news.... The purchasing limits for many of the pins have changed:
Thursday, June 25 releases
-- Corridor of Doors Boxed Set- Limit of TWO (2) boxed sets, per Guest, per day.
-- Haunted Mansion Rooms Boxed Set- Limit of ONE (1) boxed set, per Guest, per day.
-- Mauseleum Sculpt- Limit of ONE (1) sculpture, per Guest, per day.
Thursday, July 9 releases
-- Diorama Jumbo Pin- Limit of ONE (1) jumbo pin, per Guest, per day.
-- Spell Book with Tarot Cards Boxed Set- Limit of ONE (1) boxed set, per Guest, per day.
Thursday, August 6 releases
-- SUper Jumbo Pin- Limit of ONE (1) jumbo pin, per Guest, per day.
-Also the Ruby Doombuggies secret has been revealed... It was a hidden secret that we kept to add an element of surprise. Jeanne Lewis, product developer of the Disney Summer Pin Festival 2009 merchandise, attended the event this past weekend. She told us that several of you were able to find some of the red plated Doombuggies. So why red? "Ruby" is the traditional color for a 40th Anniversary. Since The Haunted Mansion® Attraction is celebrating 40 years, it only made sense to feature some "chaser" pins (as we like to call them) in red plating. So how many were red? 40. In other words, there were only 40 made in red of each edition size. If there was a pin with a 500 edition size, 40 of them would be in red and the 460 remaining would be in silver-colored plating.

-Finally, here is preview of an upcoming pin to be released for Disneyland's Birthday on July 17th....


Finally, tomorrow i will be heading to the Pin Celebration 2009- Musuem of Pintiquites at World Showplace in Epcot... FOr those of you not going to the event please check out my twitter updates at http://twitter.com/gdpinvestigator (*You do not have to be a member to twitter to read my updates) While there i will also be participating in the CJDPT Event at Riverside on Friday from 7-10 and the Annual Passholder PReview of teh newly refubished Hall of Presidents... And i will be taking pictures of everything...

Also, i still would like your PinSpecitve: A Personal Disney Pin Trading History, please send them to me gdpinvestigator@gmail.com.... One final thing, if you have a report from O-Pin House releases, such as pics or just a verbal report please send them to the email above, i would love to read and see about them... And if you will be at the Museum of Pintiquities and you are taking pics please send them to me or you can just review the event when it is all done and over....

June 22, 2009

PinSpective: A Personal Pin Trading History

Karen Rhodes
Middleburg, FL
Pin Trading 4 years
One fine day, about four years ago or so, I went to WDW with my daughter Elizabeth, who was already a pin trader. We stopped at the Island Mercantile at Animal Kingdom so Elizabeth could look at pins. I was mildly interested, so I looked, too. Then I saw the pin that got me into it. I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, and was mesmerized by the Space Program. I read all about the original seven astronauts, and someone told me that Alan Shepard, while stationed at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Florida, had lived at the apartment complex where my mother and I lived. I don't know whether or not I believe that, but it was a nice touch. Of course, in those days, little girls could not aspire to be astronauts, even military service for "nice" girls was frowned upon, though I did eventually, after I was married, fulfill my desire to serve by enlisting in the U.S. Coast Guard, with the support and encouragement of my husband, who was a Coast Guard officer at the time.
The pin in question was Pin 21461: WDW - Mission Space: International Space Training Center (Slider/3D). Across the top of the circle which forms the outer rim of the pin are words from John F. Kennedy's speech about putting "a man on the moon by the end of this decade." The words are "we choose to go." That got me into pin collecting.
I call myself more of a collector than a trader. I collect pins related to space in some way. From the Space Program itself -- my "Holy Grail" pin is the very rare Pin 11293: American Space Experience - 40 Years of NASA, of which only 50 were made -- to science-fiction or even cartoons with space or aliens in them in some way. I especially like pins with a retro 1930s to 1950s design to them.
And as a veteran, I once was the WDW Magic Kingdom Veteran of the Day, participating in the retiring of the colors. For that I received a very special pin and now collect pins with a patriotic theme as well.
Thanks Karen for your story... If anyone else has any more PinSpective stories please do share... i know a few people have told me after Museum of Pintiutquies or after O-Pin House Kickoff Event...

Also if you have any pictures or reports from Saturday's O-Pin House Event or the upcoming Museum of Pintiquites event please do send them in to gdpinvestigator@gmail.com... im sure our readers who were not able to attend the events would love to see them.... THanks... After the event we will do a special analysis on each of the three sections of the museum and pins.... Stay Tuned...

June 18, 2009

Pics and Pins of Critters in Tokyo

These next two are pics of the restaurant signs in Tokyo's Critter Coutnry, everything seems to be better in Tokyo, including signage... This first one is for Rackety Raccoon's Saloon......Grandma Sara's Kitchen...Even the themeing around the land is good with statues of Critters throughout the land...Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes....Splash Mountain area....Entrance sign...There arent that many pins for Tokyo Disneyland's Critter Country.... THis first one is a logo featuring what looks to be a Rabbit in similar style as Brer Rabbit, but not quite identical...This one features Dale with the Canoe attraction... Pics from PinPics.com, LaughingPlace.com, and AllEarsNet.com

June 17, 2009

Pics and Pins of the Original Country

Today we will look at the Pics and Pins of the Original Critter Country in Disneyland....The old Coundtry Bear Jamboree entrance....THe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh replaced teh Bears....The original logo for Bear Country....Several Critter Country logo pins....A spinning pin for the 35th Anniversary of Bear/ Critter Country...This WDI pin of the Grave of Country Bear Playhouse... That is it for today... TOmorrow we will do Pics and Pins of Tokyo's Country.... Stay Tuned...
Pics from AllEarsNet.com, LaughingPlace.com, PinPics.com and DisneyPins.com

June 16, 2009

The Critters are Moving in....

Originally the Indian Village of Frontierland when Disneyland first opened in 1955, this area of the park has gone through many changes in the 50 plus years of operation. In 1972, the Indian Village was re-themed, and renamed to Bear Country, a land that was themed to the forests of teh Pacific Northwest. With the land redo, a new attraction opened as well, the Country Bear Jamboree on March 4th of that year.

Then, less then 20 years later, the land went through another "refurbishment" and was updated. In 1988, the land formally known as Bear Country was renamed Critter Country in preparation for the addition of the new attraction, Splash Mountain, opening the next year. On Disneyland's 39th Anniversary, Splash Mountain officically opened in Critter Country.

Meanwhile this "new" land was making its way over to Tokyo Disneyland for its Splash Mountain as well. Opening in 1992, this land was built specifically for Splash Mountain, no other attractions are in this area. Other than the Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes. In this land there are a few restaurants though, themed to various "critters", such as Rackety Raccoon's Saloon. As well as having a few shops. This land is known in the park for having spacious areas to walk through and is a great relaxing place to just sit and people watch.

In 2003, the long running, and much beloved Country Bear Jamboree was replaced in Disneyland with THe Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Many Disney Fans, were not happy with such a great and beloved attraction being replaced with a not so great dark ride. The Pooh attraction happens to be the least popular of all of the Pooh attractions around the world.

With this land only being present in two Disneyland parks, it is considered a "classic". Many disney fans speculate that it will be moving to Disneyland Paris soon. Because the Splash Mountain attraction was never built in Paris, and the Imagineers have always left a spot for it to go that can be easily cleared. If Splash Mountain was to be built in Disneyland Paris, it would go over Paris' Indian Village, so it would be like Disneyland land as well. Also, many peopl speculate that if Disneyland Paris was to build Splash Mountian and Critter Country, that a Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh attraction would be not that far away, but time will tell...
That is if for today... Stay Tuned tomorrow for Pics and Pins of Critter Country....

June 15, 2009

PinSpective: A Personal Pin Trading History

Mark Shirley
Staffordshire, UK

I have managd to get to WDW or DLR once a year since 1998. My family and I live in the UK (Staffordshire to be exact) and are real Disney freaks ! I'm not sure what year I bought my first pin but it was an outlet store at The Beltz, The Search For Imagination Pin Event - Scream-Willie the Giant (15528). I loved this pin, even though I didn't know who the character was. When we arrived back the following year I noticed Cast Members walking around with lanyards and they told me how it all worked. Another trip to the outlet and I was all loaded up with pins and a lanyard to hold them on !

I had such a great time I thought I may well carry on doing this when I got back home.
There wasn't an easy way to get pins other than through Ebay, so I started bidding on pins from people who lived Stateside and waited for what seemed like an eternity for the LBEs [little brown envelope] to drop onto my mat !
The more I got the more I wanted - I was totally hooked.

Whilst looking for pins to bid on I noticed several people acknowledging Pinpics for their information. After some detective work I found out what they were all about and started to catalogue my collection.
Then I found pins I wanted and also pins that I had that other people wanted. My first trade was for Magical Milestones - 2003 - Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean (38882). I traded it for a pin that I wasn't bothered about. I just had it because I won it cheap off Ebay, San Francisco Disney Store - Cable Car (FAB 4) (212). It's funny that the pins I didn't really care for, because I thought they were old, were the ones I could get the best trades for !

If only I had the experience I have now - lol !
The first time I met up with somebody that I had traded with was the beginning of 2006. He gave me Disneyland 50th Anniversary Tour (38624) and is a pin I treasure even today !
My last visit to Disneyland I met up with lots of people I had traded with and one particular person keeps sending me pins for no other reason than she likes to find pins off my wanted list and loves the thrill of finding pins on the CM's lanyards !
She has managed to get me every missing pin from the DLR Hidden Mickey series the only thing she likes in return is English chocolate !Last month I managed to get past 5,000 pins and although I see no end to me wanting pins the financial problems of the last twelve months has limited my ability to spend lots of money on my biggest obsession !