June 24, 2009

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Today we will start a new weekly post about the newest Disney News, from Pin Trading, to Parks and More... But mostly staying with Pins...
First off we have Walt Disney World news... All of which has to do with the Musuem of Pintiquites...
-Some details about the Grand Prizes for the Disney Pin Celebration 2009. For the past several years there have been three grand prize packages. These prizes are awarded to three randomly selected Guests. This year, the Grand Prize ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 27 around 5:30 p.m. (immediately following the Ultimate Trivia Challenge). Guests don't have to present when these prizes are awarded (but it would be really cool if they were). The theme of this year's prizes are The Masterpiece, The Great Discovery and The Breakthrough. They will be on display near the silent auction display at the event in World Showplace.

-Early registration for this event will begin on Thursday, June 25 at 12:00 p.m. in the Convention Center at Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resort. Early registration will be held until 7:00 p.m. on Thursday. Registered Event Guests only can trade in a special area at the Convention Center from 12:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. From 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., we open the doors for all Guests to attend a special edition of Mickey's Pin Trading Nights. We look forward to seeing you there

On to Disneyland News... In the world of Pin news mostly having to do with the O-Pin House pins...
-Come out and trade has returned to Westward Ho Trading Co. in Frontierland® at Disneyland® Park. This fun activity will be held each day throughout the summer from 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Please note that if there is inclement weather, we'll have to cancel the activity. You'll also need admission to Disneyland® Park to participate.

-Disney has had several questions about the Hidden Mickey- Princess Tea Cups Pouch. While in the past they have released Hidden Mickey Mystery Pouches after the initial release on Cast Member lanyards, the Princess Tea Cups series will not be distributed to Cast Members until later this year. The information for which pins will be released on Cast Member lanyards at the Disneyland® Resort in July.
-Now in O-Pin House news.... The purchasing limits for many of the pins have changed:
Thursday, June 25 releases
-- Corridor of Doors Boxed Set- Limit of TWO (2) boxed sets, per Guest, per day.
-- Haunted Mansion Rooms Boxed Set- Limit of ONE (1) boxed set, per Guest, per day.
-- Mauseleum Sculpt- Limit of ONE (1) sculpture, per Guest, per day.
Thursday, July 9 releases
-- Diorama Jumbo Pin- Limit of ONE (1) jumbo pin, per Guest, per day.
-- Spell Book with Tarot Cards Boxed Set- Limit of ONE (1) boxed set, per Guest, per day.
Thursday, August 6 releases
-- SUper Jumbo Pin- Limit of ONE (1) jumbo pin, per Guest, per day.
-Also the Ruby Doombuggies secret has been revealed... It was a hidden secret that we kept to add an element of surprise. Jeanne Lewis, product developer of the Disney Summer Pin Festival 2009 merchandise, attended the event this past weekend. She told us that several of you were able to find some of the red plated Doombuggies. So why red? "Ruby" is the traditional color for a 40th Anniversary. Since The Haunted Mansion® Attraction is celebrating 40 years, it only made sense to feature some "chaser" pins (as we like to call them) in red plating. So how many were red? 40. In other words, there were only 40 made in red of each edition size. If there was a pin with a 500 edition size, 40 of them would be in red and the 460 remaining would be in silver-colored plating.

-Finally, here is preview of an upcoming pin to be released for Disneyland's Birthday on July 17th....


Finally, tomorrow i will be heading to the Pin Celebration 2009- Musuem of Pintiquites at World Showplace in Epcot... FOr those of you not going to the event please check out my twitter updates at http://twitter.com/gdpinvestigator (*You do not have to be a member to twitter to read my updates) While there i will also be participating in the CJDPT Event at Riverside on Friday from 7-10 and the Annual Passholder PReview of teh newly refubished Hall of Presidents... And i will be taking pictures of everything...

Also, i still would like your PinSpecitve: A Personal Disney Pin Trading History, please send them to me gdpinvestigator@gmail.com.... One final thing, if you have a report from O-Pin House releases, such as pics or just a verbal report please send them to the email above, i would love to read and see about them... And if you will be at the Museum of Pintiquities and you are taking pics please send them to me or you can just review the event when it is all done and over....

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