June 30, 2009

Many Logos of the Museum

With the design and brainstorming for events planned way ahead of the upcoming one, when announced in September 2008, the Museum of Pintiquites had many logos and different designs... This is the original, bland, logo when they announced the event.Then later in the design stages, the logo got a more artsy and modern feel with several of these different logos...Then they added Mickey to the logo to feel more 'Disney'...THese are the final designs of the colors they will use for the different sections of the museum, green for natural history, orange for art, and purple for science and industry, and maroonish red for the main theme and logo of the museum....Once the colors were selected they started working on more logos....This one is very bland and boreing...THey then added characters to the designs.... As you can see, the color choices for Art and History were switched in the final pin designs....Here are several more designs for logos...The final design features Mickey with the keys to the museum...The final choice for colors and characters for the three themes, Natural History, Art and Science and Industry... This is just Behind teh Scenes at the museum, a Frame Set from the event...


Tomorrow we will do Pics and Pins of Natural History section of the Museum of Pintiquities....

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