June 11, 2009

Poll Results: Favorite Disney Prince

Combining the week long polls on here and the Dizpins Cafe and Coffee Shop forum, the results for Favorite Disney Prince are:

6th Place: Prince Charming 4%
5th Place: (tie) Prince Ali/Aladdin and Prince from Snow White 6% each
3rd Place: the Beast/ Prince Adam 17%
2nd Place: Prince Philip 28%
1st Place: Prince Eric 32%

During the conduction of this survey i got other answers as well such as Simba and Prince Edward (Enchanted) both i did not think of... But also i got Li Shang and Phoebus and John Smith who are not Princes... Keep a look out for an upcoming Male Hero poll...

I am actually suprised for the outcome, i thought that the BEast or even Prince Charming would be number one.. Thanks to all who voted and keep a watch out for our next poll.... COming Soon-- Favorite Male Villian

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