November 30, 2009

History of the Home of Toons

In 1988 Mickey Mouse turned 60 years old and the Walt Disney company built what was suppose to be a temporary land, Mickey’s Birthdayland. It proved to be very popular with guests and guaranteed a place where they could meet Mickey.  As guests entered the Magic Kingdom, they would hear an announcement from Minnie, saying that she was having a surprise birthday party for Mickey and that once they were inside the park, they could go to the railroad station and she would send a special train to pick them up from Main Street or Frontierland.  The train featured a very catchy song and cutouts of Disney characters were placed along the tracks that showed them traveling to Mickey's birthday party.


Opening on June 18, 1988, Mickey’s Birthdayland consisted of Duckburg. Within the town, guests could view small-scale storefronts and walk through Mickey's house and see Pluto's doghouse in the backyard.  There was also a playground and a topiary/shrub maze. After walking through Mickey's house, guests would pass other character dwellings, such as Donald Duck's boat then arrive at the Birthday Party Tent.  After watching Disney cartoons in a holding area, guests could see a show called Minnie's Surprise Party. The title pretty much described the plot of the show and featured a song called "We Love You Mickey Mouse."   After the show, guests would proceed to another room where Mickey and the gang did another short performance on top of a birthday cake with exploding confetti candles.  You could then visit with Mickey in his dressing room at the Hollywood Theater.

Mickey’s Birthdayland also housed Grandma Duck's petting farm.  The star of the farm was Minnie Moo the cow, who had a Mickey Mouse head on one side of her body.  She was later moved to the petting farm in Fort Wilderness and died in the summer of 2001.  Other animals such as chickens, ducks, goats, pigs and miniature horses were also featured.  Grandma Duck's Farm later became the entrance/queue for Goofy's Barnstormer roller coaster.


As Mickey’s Birthdayland was suppose to be a temporary land, it closed on April 22, 1990. But it wasn’t gone for good. Opening a little over a month after the closing of Birthdayland, Mickey’s Starland took its place. The song on the train was modified so that it was the Walt Disney World Express.  A new show called Mickey's Magical TV World was created with characters from the Disney Afternoon shows.  There was a live character in the show with the unisex name of C.J., although most people who saw the show remember the part being played by a woman.


The show was changed annually and featured the newest Disney Afternoon show each year while dropping the oldest show that was no longer part of the Disney Afternoon lineup.  The first year of this show featured the Gummi Bears in place of Darkwing Duck.  Once the St. Canard Crimefighter's show premiered in 1991, he replaced the bears.  The Ducktales characters were later replaced by Goof Troop.  The section with the vault was retooled to featured Goofy and Max.  In this version of the show, Goofy gets trapped in the house by his home security system.  Bonkers was also later added to the show as well. 

Everything from Birthdayland basically stayed except a change in theme from Mickey’s Birthday to generic Duckburg.

Mickey's Toontown

In the meantime, Disneyland opened its own “home of Mickey Mouse” but not in the form of Duckburg, but as ToonTown. Opening on January 24, 1993, ToonTown opened in Disneyland as an area themed to resemble the Toontown seen in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. The buildings are stylized and colorful. There are several attractions involving classic cartoon characters, such as the 'houses' of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and a small children's coaster. There are a few interactive gags. Compared to other Disneyland areas however, there are few large or technically complex rides or shows, and the houses themselves appeal primarily as playhouses for small children.


As Mickey’s Starland “closed” in 1996 to be remodeled as Mickey’s ToonTown Fair. Many  of the tents from Birthdayland/Starland were torn down to make room for some more “attractions”, including Minnie’s House, Donald’s Boat, and Goofy’s Barnstormer replacing Grandma Duck’s petting zoo. As the story goes, ToonTown, in Disneyland is the “real” home of the Toons (Disney Characters), while Magic Kingdom’s ToonTown Fair is themed to be the Toons’ “Holiday or Vacation” homes.

While Mickey’s Toontown Fair opened in late 1996, Tokyo Disneyland’s Toontown opened to the public on April 15, 1996, as apart of TDL’s 13th Anniversary. Like Disneyland’s it is themed to the homes of Toons, where they live. Mostly everything between Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland’s are the same, with the exception of one thing. They are mirror images of each other in terms of layout.


Disneyland Paris has been rumored to get a ToonTown, or ToonTown Fair in the past but nothing ever came to fruition. But on January 11, 2005, it was announced by Euro Disney SCA that the Disneyland Resort Paris would be getting an addition, but not to Disneyland Paris, instead its sister park, Walt Disney Studios Paris, which struggled since the opening in 2002 would be getting a Toon Studios. To go along with the “ToonTown History”, just like ToonTown in DL and TDL is where the Toons live, and ToonTown Fair in MK is where they vacation, Toon Studios in WDSP would be where Toons go to work to make their own animated movies, etc. Opening in June 2007, the land came to be as an expansion and refurbishment of the pre-existing Animation Courtyard. Featuring two new attractions, Toon Studios became the biggest expansion of WDSP since its opening. Now, opening in 2010 WDSP’s Toon Studios is getting another expansion, but in the form of Toy Story Playland, the home of Toy Story Characters and such.


All of the Disney Theme Park Resorts have some sort of ToonTown, except Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. When HKDL was announced it was to have a ToonTown, but was scrapped as a financial issue, but instead in 2010/2011 HKDL is getting a copy of WDSP’s Toy Story Playland.

Soon the first incarnation of Mickey and Friends living area, Mickey’s ToonTown Fair, originally Mickey’s Birthdayland, will be gone. As Mickey’s Toontown Fair in Magic Kingdom will be demolished to make room for the New Fantasyland Expansion, and in this area will be a new Circus Area themed to Dumbo and a Pixie Hollow area for Tinkerbell and Friends.

Pictures and Information from DLRP Magic, Walt Dated World, TDR Fan and Wikipedia

November 28, 2009

Weekly (Pin) News

This week has been a slow week in all, pins, parks and vinylmations…

But we do have pin previews from all facets of Disney Pin Trading; WDW, DCL, and DLR. Enjoy!!

First, we have a mystery on our hands, on Monday’s What’s HapPINing Blog posted this single picture with no description. Many Pin Traders are trying to guess what it is, or mean. The next day, in the updated guidelines of the Piece of History pins release, they made a side note on the bottom that it is NOT a weekly Pin Trading “meet”, as many people thought it was, because of the 52. I pose the question to you all, Are you 52??20091124_PT52

The first of our previews comes as an anniversary pin for Space Mountain, to be released in January 2010 for the mountain’s 35th anniversary in WDW.20091123_SpaceMt

Also, a new DCL Pin of the Month set was previewed this week as the first 5 pins of this monthly collection were revealed. They are going to be released by DCL on the ships and their limited edition of 500.20091126_DCLAnchor

A new open edition pin was previewed this week for DLR, featuring Mickey and Goofy in the classic Jungle Cruise scene. 20091126_JungleCruise

A new DeeBee collection is out soon, it looks to be a park type series, and to me looks a bit more interesting then the first set, i especially like the blue one, that looks as if it is off the Matterhorn.20091126_NewDeeBees

DLR’s new Piece of History set was previewed this week by revealing that Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage will be in the set next year, but we don’t know when.20091126_PODHNemo

A final preview we have is St. Patrick’s Day boxed set, it is not know whether it is coming out in DLR, WDW or both.20091126_StPatricks10 

Our final piece of news is of the President’s Pardoned turkeys riding down Disneyland’s Main Street in the Thanksgiving Parade.

Pictures and Information from Official Disney Pin Trading Site and the Disney Parks Blog

November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!


1116AT_0408DZ50224797  mayor_turkey450 pin46091

pin16905 pin57686



pin25887  pin58181



pin37468          pin42557


We here at GDP would like to wish all of our readers a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. And I hope that you all know that GDP is thankful for you all, our readers, thanks for reading and enjoy what is to come in the months ahead.


November 23, 2009

Wishes! Dessert Party: A Review

This is the final post from my October trip,the Wishes! Dessert Party Review. Here it is.  100_2164

We arrived around 7:45 or so, I think, the line was from the TTNS entrance in Main Street, wrapped through the restaurant and almost out towards Tomorrowland entrance. This is a very popular option, and many people take advantage of it. Once seated (we got a GREAT FRONT ROW seat on the first level in the front, I don't know how, but we did, and it had great views.


Once seated our hostess let us know that we were free to go up and get what we wanted from the dessert buffet, and that once the fireworks started we could move up to the wall, but we just couldn't bring our chairs, which was understandable as it would be a fire hazard. We each went up to the buffet and got many things. 100_2167 They had Mango Shooters and Raspberry Parfait (i think), below.100_2169

Different types of Tarts…100_2170 Chocolate Cheesecakes…100_2171 Donut Holes…100_2172  Fruits and Cannoli…100_2179 Chocolate Covered Rice-Crispy Treats…100_2180 100_2181 100_2182

And many types of stuff to drink, from regular Lemonade, to Water, and Raspberry Lemonade, or Hot Tea, Chocolate and Coffee. 100_2183 Also had Chocolate Brownies, Cheesecake 100_2184

Overall it was a great dessert, they had a wide variety of items that i think everyone could enjoy. Also, if you have any allergies, just let them know and they will (can) prepare items special for you. As the table next to us had children that were allergic to Peanuts, so they told a CM and they got special items for them. 100_2186The only negative that I found was that when the fireworks started you really couldn’t see that many because the roof was in the way. So when everyone stood up to look you really couldn’t see anything beside parts of the castle. So for any improvements i would suggest to Disney to find a spot that is outside with no roof over most of the area that would obstruct the view, maybe even the old Rose Garden area. 100_2190Overall Grade: 4 of 5 Mouse Heads

Final Thoughts… It is kind of expensive so I don’t think that I would go back unless special occasion, like it was my birthday. Also, they clean up SO FAST your table, and as we were leaving I was eavesdropping on a women complaining to a CM. It seems they arrived LATE, then they got their food, then they didn't get to start their food, and the Fireworks started so they got up to go watch, and they got back and it was GONE, full plates and everything. It seems the CMs are anxious to clean up areas that they take some food if you are done or not. But also, I would suggest getting their EARLY to get your seat, and have time to eat the delicious desserts then you can watch the fireworks. And then finish up eating, or getting more after.

PLUS it also has GREAT views of the castle with the lights and such, with the reflection in the water.


November 21, 2009

Weekly (Pin) News

As Disney officially launched their Vinylmation Site, I feel that Vinylmations are here to stay, so GDP will officially recognize Vinylmations more often and on our blog more. With that we have many things planned in addition to the newly found Vinylmation obsession. The site WILL still be called Global Disney Pinvestigation, as we still will focus on pins, but also we will focus a little more on Vinylmations, etc. We have many new things planned for the news year, like shifting focus from all park items, to some Movie things, which will be beginning this December as we will have a week of Princess and the Frog. So all i have to say is Stay Tuned. Also, the weekly news will still be called the Weekly (Pin) News, but will ALWAYS feature parentheses as sometimes there is not that much pin news, but other news. I hope you enjoy. Now that we have finished blog business, lets get on to the news from Disney…

First we have some news on a new Mystery Boxed Set idea.                      Information from’s Whats HapPINing Blog:

This image below shows three different pins from the upcoming 10th Anniversary Mystery Series that will be released in February 2010. This limited release boxed set will contain two randomly selected pins - featuring the top full color pin or the middle golden quest pin. There are 10 designs featuring different Disney characters with the number 10 (so 10 in full color and 10 done in gold). We selected Mickey Mouse to showcase today in honor of his special day.

The bottom pin in blue will be the Cast Chaser which will only be available for trade from select Disney Cast Members at Domestic US Disney locations. The Cast Chasers won't debut until the mystery set is released next year (so please don't start looking for them yet).


This next preview shows a 4 pin booster set to be released in 2010 featuring four pins with quotes from Walt Disney.20091118_Quotes

Also announced this week was the NEW Disney Trading Nights, with the first on Friday December 18th in the Contemporary, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Disney will now not only let you trade pins, but also Vinylmations. Also, supposedly through the grape vine we have heard that there will be mystery Vinylmation trading. Like from last night’s Vinylmation Artist Signing, (picture from VinyNation)

Also to be released at the DTN is a new DeeBee series, the Wonder Series, and another (supposedly final) Nights of Pin Trading pins.109146119

Moving to Disneyland Resort, a Surprise Pin in the attraction wait time series… This time featuring Flik’s Flyers. 400017004426 

Finally, moving across the Atlantic Ocean DLP is having a Christmas Pin Trading Event on Saturday December 19, themed to villains. affiche-Villains-Event-c-09

On to Vinylmation News…

With Park Series 3 released yesterday (Friday 11/20), it seems this series is going fast and is popular… VinylNation released an image of the chaser, themed to its a small world. (pictures below, Front on Top, and Back on bottom)  iaswchaserreveal iaswchaserreveal2

It was also revealed by the official Vinylmation Site, the Epcot Holidays Around the World will be released EXCLUSIVELY at Epcot in late November. HATW09

The NYC Vinylmation is already released in WDW and in NYC by the time it closes on December 31. ALSO, in new news, the NYC Vinylmation will ONLY be available in BOTH WDW and NYC until December 31st.NYC1-1

In final Vinylmation News, Disney Cruise Line will release several NEW and EXCLUSIVE Vinylmations over the next couple of months. This first one is already released as apart of PS3 on Disney Wonder. par3-9-7

These others will be released together as a 9 inch (top) and 3 inch (bottom) set, on Castaway Cay. 11-18-Castaway11-18-CastawaySunscreen