November 21, 2009

Weekly (Pin) News

As Disney officially launched their Vinylmation Site, I feel that Vinylmations are here to stay, so GDP will officially recognize Vinylmations more often and on our blog more. With that we have many things planned in addition to the newly found Vinylmation obsession. The site WILL still be called Global Disney Pinvestigation, as we still will focus on pins, but also we will focus a little more on Vinylmations, etc. We have many new things planned for the news year, like shifting focus from all park items, to some Movie things, which will be beginning this December as we will have a week of Princess and the Frog. So all i have to say is Stay Tuned. Also, the weekly news will still be called the Weekly (Pin) News, but will ALWAYS feature parentheses as sometimes there is not that much pin news, but other news. I hope you enjoy. Now that we have finished blog business, lets get on to the news from Disney…

First we have some news on a new Mystery Boxed Set idea.                      Information from’s Whats HapPINing Blog:

This image below shows three different pins from the upcoming 10th Anniversary Mystery Series that will be released in February 2010. This limited release boxed set will contain two randomly selected pins - featuring the top full color pin or the middle golden quest pin. There are 10 designs featuring different Disney characters with the number 10 (so 10 in full color and 10 done in gold). We selected Mickey Mouse to showcase today in honor of his special day.

The bottom pin in blue will be the Cast Chaser which will only be available for trade from select Disney Cast Members at Domestic US Disney locations. The Cast Chasers won't debut until the mystery set is released next year (so please don't start looking for them yet).


This next preview shows a 4 pin booster set to be released in 2010 featuring four pins with quotes from Walt Disney.20091118_Quotes

Also announced this week was the NEW Disney Trading Nights, with the first on Friday December 18th in the Contemporary, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Disney will now not only let you trade pins, but also Vinylmations. Also, supposedly through the grape vine we have heard that there will be mystery Vinylmation trading. Like from last night’s Vinylmation Artist Signing, (picture from VinyNation)

Also to be released at the DTN is a new DeeBee series, the Wonder Series, and another (supposedly final) Nights of Pin Trading pins.109146119

Moving to Disneyland Resort, a Surprise Pin in the attraction wait time series… This time featuring Flik’s Flyers. 400017004426 

Finally, moving across the Atlantic Ocean DLP is having a Christmas Pin Trading Event on Saturday December 19, themed to villains. affiche-Villains-Event-c-09

On to Vinylmation News…

With Park Series 3 released yesterday (Friday 11/20), it seems this series is going fast and is popular… VinylNation released an image of the chaser, themed to its a small world. (pictures below, Front on Top, and Back on bottom)  iaswchaserreveal iaswchaserreveal2

It was also revealed by the official Vinylmation Site, the Epcot Holidays Around the World will be released EXCLUSIVELY at Epcot in late November. HATW09

The NYC Vinylmation is already released in WDW and in NYC by the time it closes on December 31. ALSO, in new news, the NYC Vinylmation will ONLY be available in BOTH WDW and NYC until December 31st.NYC1-1

In final Vinylmation News, Disney Cruise Line will release several NEW and EXCLUSIVE Vinylmations over the next couple of months. This first one is already released as apart of PS3 on Disney Wonder. par3-9-7

These others will be released together as a 9 inch (top) and 3 inch (bottom) set, on Castaway Cay. 11-18-Castaway11-18-CastawaySunscreen

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