November 23, 2009

Wishes! Dessert Party: A Review

This is the final post from my October trip,the Wishes! Dessert Party Review. Here it is.  100_2164

We arrived around 7:45 or so, I think, the line was from the TTNS entrance in Main Street, wrapped through the restaurant and almost out towards Tomorrowland entrance. This is a very popular option, and many people take advantage of it. Once seated (we got a GREAT FRONT ROW seat on the first level in the front, I don't know how, but we did, and it had great views.


Once seated our hostess let us know that we were free to go up and get what we wanted from the dessert buffet, and that once the fireworks started we could move up to the wall, but we just couldn't bring our chairs, which was understandable as it would be a fire hazard. We each went up to the buffet and got many things. 100_2167 They had Mango Shooters and Raspberry Parfait (i think), below.100_2169

Different types of Tarts…100_2170 Chocolate Cheesecakes…100_2171 Donut Holes…100_2172  Fruits and Cannoli…100_2179 Chocolate Covered Rice-Crispy Treats…100_2180 100_2181 100_2182

And many types of stuff to drink, from regular Lemonade, to Water, and Raspberry Lemonade, or Hot Tea, Chocolate and Coffee. 100_2183 Also had Chocolate Brownies, Cheesecake 100_2184

Overall it was a great dessert, they had a wide variety of items that i think everyone could enjoy. Also, if you have any allergies, just let them know and they will (can) prepare items special for you. As the table next to us had children that were allergic to Peanuts, so they told a CM and they got special items for them. 100_2186The only negative that I found was that when the fireworks started you really couldn’t see that many because the roof was in the way. So when everyone stood up to look you really couldn’t see anything beside parts of the castle. So for any improvements i would suggest to Disney to find a spot that is outside with no roof over most of the area that would obstruct the view, maybe even the old Rose Garden area. 100_2190Overall Grade: 4 of 5 Mouse Heads

Final Thoughts… It is kind of expensive so I don’t think that I would go back unless special occasion, like it was my birthday. Also, they clean up SO FAST your table, and as we were leaving I was eavesdropping on a women complaining to a CM. It seems they arrived LATE, then they got their food, then they didn't get to start their food, and the Fireworks started so they got up to go watch, and they got back and it was GONE, full plates and everything. It seems the CMs are anxious to clean up areas that they take some food if you are done or not. But also, I would suggest getting their EARLY to get your seat, and have time to eat the delicious desserts then you can watch the fireworks. And then finish up eating, or getting more after.

PLUS it also has GREAT views of the castle with the lights and such, with the reflection in the water.


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