November 6, 2009

Pics and Pins of Mania Games


Before we start showing images of the game and concept art of the actual attraction, here are a few pieces of ideas for games that never made it into the finished attraction.

This is a concept of the practice game in the beginning of the attraction... Originally it shows as a squirt game at a fence with targets... Now in the attraction is a pie toss at moving targets held by various Toy Story characters..650920427_TciLP-LThis next game featuring Hamm is like a ball toss into rings, just you have to “throw” Beach Balls into inner tubes in the pool or hit the targets.650905731_vdavd-LAnother game featuring the Green Army Men consists of hitting the flags as they move them up and down, it was considered too challenging. 650904075_34Fsa-L Another “tossing” game featuring Slinky Dog as guests throw bones into his dog bowls.650904556_837Dy-L One final game idea features the classic, “water shooter” but instead of water, guests shoot Lava into the volcano, to move the Rexs across the screen. 650905161_Aqsnr-LThese three concepts of Bo Peep and Hamm and Rex's games are like the ones that are in the attraction now...These next couple concepts are of games featuring Little Green Men. None of these are like the game now, the only item of this game that is similar to the real one that is there now is the Ring Toss...650940047_zP7bf-L650939543_vtRyS-LThis is a concept of the finale scene of the attraction... Instead of all the characters now the real finale game features and extended version of Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Prospector Pete Rootin Tootin Round Up game...650906310_DUisn-LThis picture is from inside the attraction and show a good row of the screens and vehicles...These next three concept arts are of prospective “finale” scenes with the guests finding out what they won and how well they did in the Toy Story Mania.650949438_aGpBj-L650948902_pRsSs-L650906884_PuZm8-LThis is a box set featuring the virtual prizes you can win on the ride... Many of these pins are available on Cast lanyards...These next pins are WDI pins that are banners for the games featuring various Toy Story characters...

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