November 14, 2009

Pics and Pins of Disneyland’s Space

pin39648There isn’t that many different pics of Disneyland’s Space Mountain, so this Pics and Pins is mostly pins…


Here is a model of Disneyland’s Space Mountain track layout, presented in the Disneyland Story: The First 50 Years.234927_fc2fdd38ec

Here are some Ghost Galaxy pictures courtesy of Disney. ghostgalaxy    On to the pins… This first button was given to the DL Cast Preview in May 1977.pin51985

Many Space Mountain Pins feature the iconic building, which in it self is a weenie.pin143 pin415 pin3138 pin55434Also, many of the pins for this attraction feature different versions of the ride vehicles… pin3808 pin70017But many, like these below feature the correct figuration of the vehicle of rows with TWO seats, not with only one like in Magic Kingdom.pin20760pin67597pin53340A few pins feature the year that the attraction opened, 1977… Like the first one that was released during Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary in the Magical Milestones series.pin39260pin39935Disney also began releasing pins for important milestones in attraction histories, like anniversaries.pin12029   pin59558When Space Mountain reopened in 2005 it had a new “story” behind it and some of these WDI Pins kind of subtly show it. pin39165  pin39649

Disney also released a pin to commemorate the “Re-launch” of the attraction in 2005.pin39936

With the re-launch came some new visuals, like in the WDI Pins below of the new attraction poster, and the “window view”pin53245


Also with the new Space Mountain, came Rockin’ Space Mountain…pin51605 pin51837

With the Re-Launch, came more WDI pins but in an “Attraction Ride Through” Series as if they redid it to call it “Stitch’s Space Mountain” and ride with Stitch as he escapes his holding cell and races through the galaxy.pin53926 pin53927      pin53928pin53929

Another pin featuring Stitch, though not a part of the WDI set from above. pin61850

Space Mountain is an “E-Ticket” attraction and this can be seen through several pins, like the first WDI pin.pin67310

Or this second pin as apart of Disneyland's Annual Passholder “E-Ticket” Series…pin30134

Or this WDI FastPass pin, as Space Mountain is one of the ONLY Disney Theme Park attractions to feature FastPass at EVERY location around the globe.pin73535

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