November 18, 2009

Final Stop in Asia

    HKDL Tomorrowland




Being the second Disney mountain to open with the park it resides in, Space Mountain in Hong Kong Disneyland opened in September 12, 2005.


The newest Space Mountain is based on the refurbished Space Mountain at Disneyland, with a similar soundtrack and the same layout. It also features new show elements not presented in the refurbished California version, like the hyperspeed tunnel.



Unlike most Space Mountains, the boarding area for the attraction is quite small. Not like Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland’s load area, which takes place in a Space Station, Hong Kong’s instead features a dark queue consisting of neon earth-tone colored planets along with star patterns decorate the area. Lining the walls of the station are colored neon light bars that are used for lighting and decoration.


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As part of Hong Kong Disneyland's Haunted Halloween event in 2007, Space Mountain went under a Halloween overlay. The new overlay applied some of the same effects that Rockin' Space Mountain, in Disneyland, used, but instead of a rock 'n' roll concert, the ride was themed appropriately to the Halloween season.

Time for the pins…

This is the attraction poster pin for the attraction, released by WDI. pin41951

This pin is apart of a larger WDI pin set released when HKDL opened, featuring key attractions/weenies of the park, this one features the outershell of Space Mountain.pin41282

These last few feature Mickey as an Astronaut on Space Mountain, with the red SPACE MOUNTAIN logo. pin41259 pin41260 pin41261   

Pictures and Information from HKDL Source and PinPics

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