November 14, 2009

Weekly Pin News

Our first piece of news is not really Pin News, but is VINYLMATION news… Disney officially launched the Vinylmation Site yesterday. Below are some of the “welcome” screens that the site gives you to the new Park Series 3 coming November 20th.

vinylsplash1 vinylsplash2 vinylsplash3 vinylsplash4 vinylsplash5 vinylsplash7 vinylsplash8 vinylsplash9 

To see the Park Series 3 figures check out our special report from yesterday or click the Vinylmation Park Series Logo (below).vinylparklogo On to the pin news…

First we have a Mickey Pin Preview, featuring 12 Mickey faces/expressions, it looks to be an Open Edition pin coming in 2010.20091112_Mickeys

Another piece of news this week was some of the previews of items for the Dateline Disneyland: 1955 Summer Pin Festival 2010.

Like this preview of the Reporter Mickey sculpt.20091110_DSPF10Sculpt01Or what looks to be a boxed set, that is kind of like a Newspaper… It is said that the pins/ characters featured in this Summer Pin Festival will be Retro Characters that correspond to Retro attractions.20091110_DSPF10PPFHere is a closer look at the pins for the set… Clock of the World with Tinkerbell.DSPF10_PhotoClock DSPF10_PhotoMickey Pecos Bill with Pack Mules of Frontierland.DSPF10_PhotoMules Retro Goofy with the Phantom Boats.DSPF10_PhotoPhantom Professor Ludwig Von Drake with the Rocket to the Moon. DSPF10_PhotoRocket DSPF10_PhotoTea DSPF10_Train

Another preview revealed this week was a JUMBO PIN of the park map of 1955.


As well as a Passholder Limited Edition pin WITH Lanyard Medal.20091110_DSPF10PassOr as this pin shows, the entrance areas to the various lands with dedication speech, this pin features another RETRO character of Humphrey.20091110_DSPF10Front

Moving from Pin to Park news… Disneyland has officially installed their Christmas Tree in Main Street a little over a week ago…kswttt-b78570990z_120091110121825000gt3knssb_1

Also, Phineas and Ferb from their Disney Channel animated show came out for the DIsneyland taping of the newly named DISNEY PARKS CHRISTMAS PARADE, this past weekend. Could this mean new Characters coming soon to the park???paradecloseSMALL

Our final piece of news from the world of Upcoming Disney Movies, this one is a new Movie Poster for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. 16535_174026861654_102270346654_3040508_4497008_n   Your WPN is Presented by, and

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