November 10, 2009

Pics and Pins of Magic Kingdom’s Space

Today we have the return of the Pics and Pins segment to GDP, it seems like its been a while… Here we go, Pics and Pins of Magic Kingdom’s Space.

This picture shows MKs Space Mountain being constructed, piece by piece.3203701395_f3994ccc96


The Main Entrance sign that was/ has been in the entrance since near the beginning.2005-05-24-11-48-08

New color scheme of the mountain Post 2009 Refurbishment.Space-Mountain_Thumb_8977

New Lime Green and dark blue color scheme of the building is repeated in the new TTA Sign for Space Mountain.Space-Mountain_Thumb_8874 

An Imagineer working on the new interactive queue area of the attraction, in the area that used to be the Star Corridor, that takes guests under the train tracks.space2SMALL

New dark blue color scheme and neon lights in the loading/queue area, now is covered, like originally rumored, but never confirmed. space1SMALL       

It also seems that the two astronauts are gone from the attraction in the Space Station “scene” of the lift hill. Space-Mountain_Thumb_8982

On to the pins…

First we have a pin by FedEx with Space Mountain above it, this represents the FedEx era of the attraction.pin288  pin781pin6920 A lot of pins/buttons for Space Mountain feature Mickey, Donald, and Goofy riding the space shuttle ride vehicle… pin19758 pin37982pin33954 Also, many pins in a "Park History” series feature Space Mountain as a milestone. As it is Disney’s first totally inside and in the dark rollercoaster, and only Disney’s second coaster, and Magic Kingdom’s first. pin43633  pin48564The attraction also features a FastPass system, and is one of the ONLY attractions to feature FastPass at ALL of its locations, from Disneyland to Magic Kingdom, and Paris to Hong Kong and to Tokyo, they all have FastPass. pin42035Since Lilo and Stitch debuted in 2002, Stitch has seemed to become the “unoffical” mascot of Tomorrowland and sometimes even Space Mountain. pin36049pin49762pin56542 pin57803

That is it for today… Stay Tuned the rest of this week for more Pics and Pins features on the different Space Mountains and such… I hope you enjoy.

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