November 13, 2009

Vinylmation Park Series 3 Release


The Three Inch Figures of Park Series 3…


Par3-1   Par3-11 100_1706   Par3-3 Par3-3 Par3-4 Par3-5 Par3-6 Par3-6 Par3-7 Par3-8 Par3-8 Par3-9 Par3-10 Par3-10

On to the Nine Inch Figures…

The Test Track (below) comes with the Three inch Sign Figure (pictured below the dummy)Par3-9-1Par3-9-1Par3-9-2 Par3-9-3 Par3-9-4 Par3-9-5  The Nine inch Pooh comes with a Three inch Piglet… (both pictured below)Par3-9-6Par3-9-6




ALL of PARK SERIES 3 are being released Friday November 20th in the morning, and later that afternoon is the Artist Signing. Also, be sure to check out the new Vinylmation Website, that is officially Disney Sponsored.

   Pics and Info from and Cropped by GDPinvestigation

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