March 24, 2009

Pinvestigation: Legend of the Mountain

Even if you dont like rollercoasters, you can just explore the village of Serka Zong at the mountain's base. The whole story of this mountain and its surroundings is one of the best in any Disney Attraction.

The story goes like this:

Starting in the queue, the story begins and the surroundings begin to emerse you in the story. Depending which queue you take, you can have too different stories. IF you take the standby line, you begin to winding through the buildings of Serka Zong, and passby serveral Yeti tributes and statues and temples. Then enter into a Yeti Museum, a large back and forth area through the museum features artifacts and pictures from around the Himalaya Mountains, and replicas by the Imagineers and artisians of Asia. It tells the story through the line and entertains the guests while waiting for the attraction. Where if you take the Fastpass line, you are more of a new researcher or explorer, and wind through a explorers site and getting ready to board your steam donkey (the tea train).
Once boarded on your steam donkey, you begin your journey into the Forbidden Mountain. You go down a small dip and turn to the right and move through the small hills of Serka Zong, than begin your ascendention into the mountain. WHile making your way up into the mountain, you pass through a Temple devoted to the Yeti, and pass under a large painting , then continue up into the mountain. Once in the mountain you quickly do a small dip and turn left into the mountain. You turn the corner then see that the track is torn up and you stop. A hawk rises from the left as a hint at what is to come. Then, you start racing backwards into the heart of the mountain, and do twists and turns in the dark. Then, you go up and stop, looking down at a screen. THen a projection of a shadow of the Yeti comes into viewand he breaks the track. You go racing down and exit the mountain and go around and enter back into the mountain, go over a hump and exit once again, you do a double twist and enter back into the mountain. THen once in the mountain one last time, you finally encounter the yeti. Swiftly moving his arm to grab you and move underhim. And exit the mountain and once again pull into the unloading station.

As with Matterhorn Bobsleds many of the pins feature the Yeti, but not brown, why? (if anyone outhere know why the Yeti from Expedtion Everest is always pictured as white, when actually in attraction he is Brown, above, please comment here or email me, thanks)

Around opening day, Walt Disney Imagineering released a set (below) featuring badges symbolizing the expedition.

The attraction is a popular attraction featuring FastPass, see in the pin from a Hidden Mickey Series Collection.

More pics and pins coming tomorrow ...

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