March 27, 2009

Pins and Pics of Everest

Now while the last post focused on pictures and pins of the story of the attraction around the Yeti, today we will focus on the actual building/ mountain, it self, and its shape in pics and pins.

This pic was taken during the construction phase of the mountain, when the mountain was almost finished, and only needed the snowy peaks and details.
These next photos show a minor detail, that makes a big difference if you know it is there. The first pic shows the mountain and to the left in the lower corner is a small shrine to the yeti.

This pic shows at the right angle the shrine is actually built at the same shape of the mountain. And then hints at what is to come in the mountain, in the same area where the Yeti is housed int he mountain, it is housed in the shrine.

This next couple of photos are taken on the bridge between DinoLand USA and Asia, they show the majestic mountain from a not often seen angle.
This photo is taken from the bridge between Discovery Island and DinoLand USA, and shows a adventure is awaiting you in Asia, as the mountain peaks through the trees.

There aren't actually that many pins that feature the mountain. So here are a few of the few.

Most of the pins featuring the mountain shape are pins with the attraction logo on it.

Coming Soon... Our final Everest and Matterhorn article will feature some pins that the mountains share...

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  1. I love your work on Expedition Everest. I'm facinated by the Disney mountains and hope they do more at some point. I'm holding out for a Swiss pavilion in Epcot.