December 4, 2009

Pics and Pins of Toon Studios



Originally intended to be the place where the residents of ToonTown went to work, this area is themed more to a Pixar Play Area, in my opinion, because of the Crush Coaster, and Cars attraction. Originally planned was a Bugs Life area, seen in the image below. Mickey was only planned in small amounts, see the tiny trailer between Crush and cars, that is the only Mickey and “toon” theme that was suppose to be there. toon_1



Toon Studios was a retheming of the Animation Courtyard area of Walt Disney Studios Paris. They made a new “official” entrance the the area with the Sorcerer’s hat from the Animation building and adding a Sorcerer Mickey statue on the other side of the entrance. The Animation’s hat golden decorations were reused from Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle decorations for the 50th Happiest Celebration on Earth.toon_6




Cars Race Rally, is basically a Mad Tea Party attraction, themed to Pixar’s Cars film.WDS%20-%20Cars%20Race%20Rally%2000 WDS%20-%20Cars%20Race%20Rally%2005 Toon%20Studios%2033


And Crush’s Coaster, is a mixed dark ride with rollercoaster, with riders taking the plunge in a turtle shell, on both sides. WDS%20-%20Crush%20Coaster%2000 WDS%20-%20Crush%20Coaster%2005 pin54927

Flying Carpets over Agrabah was must “moved” so to speak, over to Toon Studio from Animation Courtyard area in the theming. The imagineers made it a part if of the Toon Studios area. WDS%20-%20Flying%20Carpets%2001 WDS%20-%20Flying%20Carpets%2002

The ONLY reference to ToonTown’s around the world is the backdrop in the FAR end of the land. As it has the ToonTown hill in the background, with a “main street” of sorts making a “backdrop” for a couple picture areas. disneyland15entreetoon_3


Pictures and Information from DLRP Magic and PinPics

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