December 29, 2009

Year in Review—Part 2

Today we will take a continued look at the Year in Review through the world of pins and readers favorites. Part 2 takes place in April thru June. We hope you enjoy!


We will continue our trip thru 2009 pin beginning in April….

The first pin continues the Haunted Mansion character series with the Parsol Girl from the Stretching Room portrait is April’s featured character. (Released April 2nd, LE 2000)04-02a

The Scoop and Friends set continues in April with Scoop (Mickey) and Beatrice (Minnie). (Released April 2nd, LE 1000)04-02b

Over on the West Coast, Walt’s Classic Collection continues with the featured movie of Pinocchio as the pins are themed to it. The set features Pinocchio (below), Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto and Pinocchio, and Figaro and Cleo.(ALL Released April 5th, LE 1000 each)04-05a

Continued in Disneyland Resort is the BAD NEWS magazine series featuring Ursula. (Released April 5th, LE 1000)04-05b

WDW’s White Glove series featured the Jiminy Cricket Official Conscience. As usual it sold out within the first couple of days. (Released April 9th, LE 5000)04-09a

This retro style limited edition framed set salutes Disney's "highway in the sky" and includes eight pins with the Disney characters dressed as Walt Disney World Resort Monorail Cast Members. (Released April 9th, LE varied)

The following eight pins are contained in this set:


Moving into Tokyo Disneyland, a new attraction opened on April 15 of this year and TDR released many pins for the opening… These are just TWO of them, there are many more.04-15


Also released in TDR was the 26th Anniversary pin released on April 15th. 04-15c

In Disneyland, the Pin Trading Knights series continued with Dale. (Released April 17th, LE 500)04-17a

A popular Piece of History pin in Disneyland was the “its a small world”, even though all others sold out fast, this one had a VERY VERY long line.(Released April 19th, LE 1000)04-19a

This is a pin in the DLRP Pin Trading Night collection. This pin features Merlin from the movie "The Sword in the Stone." (Released April 24th, LE 400)04-24

In April, the first Cast Member Vinylmation’s pin was released, it is an open edition and is still available. (Released April 24th)04-24a

Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ 20th Anniversary took place this year and what else was released but PINS!!! A few open edition pins were released before its anniversary, like this one. (Released April 28th)04-28a

We had TWO Scoop and Friends pins released in April, the one in the beginning of the month, and this one, Scoop and Bandleader Goofy. This was presumably May’s pin as May did not have a Scoop and Friends pin. (Released April 30th, LE 1000)04-30a

Moving into May…

There a few pins released on May 1st for DHS’s anniversary, here is one of them. (Released May 1st, OE)05-01a

Disneyland’s May Walt’s Classic Collection was inspired from Dumbo. The set featured Dumbo (below), Timothy, Mrs. Jumbo and Dumbo, and Mr. Stork and baby Dumbo.(Released May 3rd, LE 1000 each)05-03a

May’s BAD NEWS pin in the collection featured Jafar (Released May 3rd, LE 1000)05-03b

Over at WDW, The Haunted Mansion character series continued with Constance as May’s featured character. (Released May 7th, LE 2000)05-07a May’s White Glove featured some rare characters, Kermit and Miss Piggy, and it sold out like normal. (Released May 7th, LE 500)05-07b

Disneyland’s Pin Trading Knights continued to be popular with the release of the Goofy pin. (Released May 17th, LE 500)05-17a

Once again another popular Piece of History, Pirates of the Caribbean was released in May. (Released May 17th, LE 500)05-17b

In 2009, three of the Disneyland® Park "mountain" attractions will celebrate milestones: The 20th anniversary of Splash Mountain®, the 50th anniversary of Matterhorn Bobsleds and the 30th anniversary of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. (Released May 17th, LE 500)05-17c

2009 brought another Start Wars Weekends Event and with that comes PINS! and of course the logo pin. (Released May 22nd, Limited Release)05-22a

May’s BAD NEWS featured the Queen of Hearts. (Released May 28th, LE 1000)05-28a

DLRP’s PTN pin featured Genie, from Aladdin, and like every other PTN logo it sold out. (Released May 29th, LE 400)05-29

Our final month for today, we cover June!

Our monthly White Glove was released, and was VERY popular, as most of them are. This one featured King Pin (Goofy) trading the Donald’s Nephew’s. King Pin trades with guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. (Released June 4th, LE 500)06-04a

June’s Scoop and Friends features Scoop and Trumpetto (Daisy) in front of Exposition Hall. (Released June 4th, LE 1000)06-04b

We have very few Open Edition pins featured in this Year in Review, but this one is particularly popular/ Hard to Find. (Released June 4th, Open Edition)06-04c

Walt’s Classic Collection set of pins for June were inspired from the Three Caballeros. The set featured, the Three Caballeros (below), Donald, Jose, and Panchito. (Released June 7th, LE 1000) 06-07a

In June a unique and popular set was released in WDW, the set featured room keys from ALL of the WDW Hotels, even including Vero Beach. On the pin was the character that represented the theme and also the Room Number was the year that the resort opened. Here are just TWO of the many pins in this set. (ALL Released June 11th, LE 750, with the Vero Beach having LE 500)06-11a 06-11b

We have another Pin Trading Knights pins, featuring Tigger. (Released June 12th, LE 500)06-12a

A pin location that we have NOT featured in this series is the Disney Soda Fountain, this will be the only DSF pin we will feature for one reason. This Grape Soda pin, inspired from Disney-Pixar’s UP, was VERY VERY popular, and MANY people went CRAZY over this pin. The trading value of this pin is kind of like gold. Many pins similar to this have also been released, for example the Disney Store Europe (UK) released one recently and it was too popular. (Released June 13th, LE 300)06-13a

June’s PoH featured a piece of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. (Released June 14th, LE 1000)06-14a 

This framed set commemorates the "mountain" attractions found at the Disneyland® Resort. (Released June 18th, LE 1000 for pins except Yeti LE 600, Tinkerbell LE 100, Frame Set LE 100)

The pins include:


Taking place in June was the beginning of the O-Pin House Summer Pin Festival, commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Haunted Mansion. (Released June 19th, Limited Release)06-19a

Over in DLRP, they held their PTN themed to Stitch and Art, this pin below is an example of the series.06-20

Bottle Caps were hot this June, with this Mystery Boxed set, many people wanted to get all of them. (Released June 25th, LE 3750)

The limited edition pins in this collection include:

Limited edition 1000

  • Cheshire Cat from Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
  • Chip and Dale
  • Tinker Bell
Limited Edition 500
  • Stitch
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Donald Duck
  • Lightning McQueen from Disney-Pixar's Cars
  • Chernabog from Walt Disney's Fantasia
  • Mickey Mouse
Limited Edition 250
  • Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog
  • Goofy
  • Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Disney-Pixar's Toy Story films
  • Figment from the Journey Into Imagination Attraction at Epcot®
  • Huey, Dewey, and Louie
  • Pluto 06-25a

Also in WDW and in June was the Pin Celebration 2009, Museum of Pintiquities.This is the logo pin. (Released June 26th, LE  750)06-26a

Once again in DLRP, they released a similar collection, as in WDW earlier this month, featuring room keys to their hotels. Though there isn't as many hotels in DLRP, they did all of them. (Below is the Disneyland Hotel key)06-27

Our FINAL June pin is actually July’s edition of BAD NEWS, featuring Hades. (Released June 30th, LE 1000)06-28a


Onto the Readers Favorites of the Year in Review…

04-09 05-28 05-29 06-19 06-19a 06-26 (2) 06-26a06-26  06-28

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