December 28, 2009

Year in Review-- Part 1

For the next four days, leading up to the new year, GDP will take a look at some popular pins and sets from the past year, as well as some FAN FAVORITES!! You helped choose so sit back, relax, and enjoy! Today we will take a look at the first three months of the year, January through March.


Here are a few important pins from January 2009…     

We have the FIRST Scoop and Friends pin in the set featuring Mickey Scoop with Smokey Stitch in front of Main Street Fire House. This was the ONLY Scoop and Friends pin to sell out in a short period of time, all the other Scoop and Friends pins might have sold out, but only after at least a month. (Released January 1st, LE 1000)01-01a

This pin may not be Limited Edition, but it was the FIRST American Idol Experience pin to be released.01-01b

This Buzz Lightyear pin (Released January 1) is the first in the Where Dreams Come True set at the Walt Disney World Resort. 01-01c This next pin is a Cast Member pin from WDW, and was the first of the year, BUT this pin is given as a gift to Walt Disney World® Resort Cast Members who exemplify Disney values and great Guest service. The pin features a photograph of Walt Disney with a map of Florida, the classic Walt Disney World® Resort ear globe icon, and Cinderella Castle. 01-01d

This Piece of History pin was the FIRST in the Disneyland set, along with ALL the other PoH pins of the year, it sold out within hours. (Released January 4th as apart of GWP Sunday)01-04a

This Disneyland pin was a part of the Walt’s Classics Collection released in a set of 4 per month dealing with the same feature, this pin first 4 pin set of the 12 month series features Steamboat Willie.The other three pins in this month’s set features Minnie Mouse, Pete, and Turkey in the Straw. (Released January 4th, LE 1000 each)01-04b

The first GWP set of the year (January-June) was what else, beside Haunted Mansion. It was a nice set featuring Disney Characters (Mickey, Minnie, etc.) as classic Haunted Mansion Characters. The map (below) along with the Minnie as Constance was released on January 4th. 01-04c

This next pins combines two favorite things among many Pin Collectors, Haunted Mansion and a White Glove Collection. This was the FIRST White Glove of the year and sold out fast as many WG pins do. (Released January 8th LE 500) 01-08a

As 2009 was Haunted Mansion year in Disneyland, it also was HM year in WDW, as WDW had a MONTHLY Haunted Mansion series depicting classic Haunted Mansion characters, this first one featured Master Gracey, and surprisingly DID NOT sell out that quickly, it probably took a few weeks, as opposed to many other HM pins (like the WG above). (Released January 8th, LE 2000)01-08b

This pin was released on the Disney Cruise Line to welcome the Toy Story—the Musical onboard the ship. It is the FIRST and ONLY TS-tM pin released.01-11

This is the first Mystery Tin set released this year, and surprisingly didn’t sell out in record time, but it did sell out within a couple weeks. (Released January 15th, LE 4000)

The limited edition pins in this collection include:

As a continuous set of magazines through Disneyland’s pins series, this year brought BAD NEWS, the Disney Villains magazine. (Released January 14th, LE 1000)01-16a

This years Pin Trading Nights set features Disney characters as Medieval Knights, this first pin featured Mickey. (Released January 18th, LE 500)01-18a This pin was released for WDW’s Pin Trading Night in January, and was released as a part of the Knights of pin Trading WDW set. (Released January 23, LE 500)01-23a

Moving over to Disneyland Resort Paris, this is a pin in the DLRP Pin Trading Night collection. This pin features Bolt. It sold out right away as ONLY the PTN attendees were able to get the pin. (Released January 23rd, LE 400)01-23

Moving into February…

The first pin of February we will be featuring is the second DL Piece of History pin, Disneyland Railroad, featuring Chip and Dale. (Released February 1st, LE 500)02-01a

February’s BAD NEWS features Cruella Devil. (Released February 1st, LE1000)02-01b

In WDW, the pin of the month set of Scoop and Friends features Mickey as Scoop and Minnie as Hildegard (Released February 5th, LE 1000) 02-05a

WDW’s Haunted Mansion monthly set features Little Leota on February’s pin, this set did NOT sell out fast. (Released February 5th, LE 2000)02-05b

This pin commemorates the Opening Day of the Disney’s Hollywood Studios attraction, The American Idol Experience, it features Elvis Stitch on stage performing. (Released February 12, LE 1500)02-12a

Disneyland’s Walt’s Classic Collection continues in February with 4 pins inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Along with the Snow White one (below), the set featured Dopey, Grumpy, and the Evil Queen. (Released February 13th, LE 1000 each) 02-13a

On Friday February 13th, Walt Disney World released an Eve of Valentines Day. The set contains six Limited Edition pins featuring wedding photos of the Bride Constance and her grooms.

The following six (6) pins are contained in this set:


February’s WDW White Glove Collection pin features Tinkerbell with a “Cinderella Castle”. Of course, it DID sell out and FAST. (Released February 19th, LE 1000)2-19a

Disneyland’s Pin Trading Knights pin for February features Minnie and did SELLOUT. (Released February 20th, LE 500)02-20a

Paris’s yearly PTN collection continues in February with the Tod PTN pin. (Released February 27th, LE 400)02-27

We will take a look at the popular pins from March around the world.

Disneyland Resort’s BAD NEWS collection continues in March with Captain Hook on the cover. (Released March 1st, LE 1000)03-01a

WDW’s Mansion Mania continued in March with the Duelers as the featured characters of the pin in the Haunted Mansion series. (Released March 5th, LE 2000)03-05a

Scoop and Friends collection features March pin of Scoop (Mickey) and the Mayor of Main Street (Scrooge McDuck). (Released March 5th, LE 1000)03-05b

March continues WDW’s Mystery Tin Can collections with the Characters on Mickey Mouse Icon set. The world famous Disney characters are featured on colorful Mickey Mouse icons in this mystery tin collection.

The limited edition pins in this collection include:

To commemorate The Little Mermaid’s 20th Anniversary, Disneyland Resort released a Featured Artist Collection featuring various pins and frame sets to commemorate it. This Jumbo pin (below) was LE 500. The collection also included Ariel on the Rock (LE 1000) , Prince Eric and Ariel (LE 1000), Ursula (LE 1000), and the Frame Set (LE 100). (ALL Released March 8th, LE varied) 03-08a

March’s White Glove pin was released and was sold out within hours, as it featured popular characters, Pooh and TIgger. (Released March 12th, LE 500)03-12a

Walt’s Classic Collection continued in March with 4 pins inspired by Fantasia. The four pins featured are Sorcerer Mickey (below), Pastoral Symphony, Dance of the Hours, and Chernabog. (Released March 13th, LE 1000 each)03-13a

2009 was the Charter year of D23, the Disney Fan Club, so what would it be like without a D23 pin, the FIRST one i might add. This pin was released in DLR as apart of the D23 kick off event. In order to purchase this pin, you DID NOT have to be a member. (Released March 14th, with a Limited Release, NOT LE)03-14a

The March Piece of History was Tom Sawyer Island, featuring Mickey Mouse as Tom Sawyer. (Released March 15, LE 1000)

Disneyland continued their PTK set in March with the Chip Pin Trading Knights pin. (Released March 22, LE 500)03-22a

In late March, Walt Disney World released a 5 pin Gold Card set, featuring Disney Characters as characters from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The set featured Stitch as Ned Land (below), Mickey as Captain Nemo, Goofy as Professor Arronnax, Donald as Conseil, and Chip and Dale as Crewmembers. This Gold Card collection was one of the FEW to sell out, even though NOT FAST, they sold out after a couple months. (All Released March 26th, LE 1500 each)03-26a

Back over to Disneyland Resort Paris, their March PTN was on Friday March 13th and was themed to Phantom Manor, so many pins featured Haunted Mansion (their Phantom Manor) allusions. Like this PTN Logo featuring the busts as Mickey, Chip, dale, and Donald. (Released March 13th, LE 400)03-13

This Stitch as Organist was also released at the Phantom Manor event, technically it ha “two versions”, in total it is LE 900, but the cards and back ### of 900 lets you know what type of LE one it is. The LE 300 pins come on a GREEN CARD with LE number between 1 and 300, the other LE 600 come on a BLUE CARD and feature the number 301 thru 900.(Released March 13th, LE 900).02-13


As we have finished going through the popular pins of the first three months of 2009, lets take a look at some of YOUR favorites, sent into me by readers.01-04 02-03


The reader’s, who liked this Roz Over the Hill pin, reason for liking this pin as their top choice in February was, “ I love Roz. She's very funny and I love imitating her.”2-15



Pictures and Information from Disney Pins and PinPics

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