December 19, 2009

Weekly (Pin) News

This week we have two weeks of news in one week with TONS of pins news and previews of upcoming pins for the events coming this Summer (2010) in Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts. Also park news and vinylmation previews…

Lets get started with Park news.

Last week, Disney Parks Blog announced that a NEW stage show would be coming to the Disney Cruise Line, called Villains Tonight! (concept art below) dcl820097LARGE

And just this week (yesterday, Friday) Disney Parks Blog once again announced something “new”, Captain EO is coming to Disneyland for a limited engagement in February.

Now we’ve got some Vinylmation previews… First is the new colored Create Your Own Vinylmations, in multi colors…12-15-09CYO

Here is the preview of upcoming Park Series 4 figures….VMBlog_20091218_Park4Front 

And the Urban Series 4 set…VMBlog_20091218_Urban4Front

Now to what you all have been waiting for… PIN PREVIEWS!!!! Today we have previews to pins from the upcoming Summer Events…

First starting with Trade City USA, WDW’s Pin Celebration 2010.

The Bank of Trade City, with who else but Scrooge McDuck.DPC10_Bank

Looks to be a Bumper Sticker set, it is unknown if this will be a boxed set, or even a mystery pin set.DPC10_BumperStickers

A pin that will be popular, Jessica and her Patty Cake Cafe is in Trade City.DPC10_Diner

What looks to be a Figment sculpt…DPC10_FigmentSculpt 

A possible framed set featuring the park? of trade city.DPC10_FrameSketch

Pete’s PintroleumDPC10_GasStation

Another character is used that is hardly ever used, Grumpy and his Pin-Convenience Store…DPC10_Grumpy

And Tinkerbell and her Cloionne Move theater. DPC10_Theater Finally, for Trade City USA we have what looks to be a NEW logo pin??? Personally, i like this logo much better than the original, but time will tell.DPC10_TradeCityUSA

Moving from WDW’s August Event, we are going over to Disneyland Resort for their Reto-fied Dateline Disneyland for their Summer Pin Festival 2010. Blog1212_MoonlinerBlog20091212_CaseyJonesThis is a part of a postcard collection, featuring Retro designs.Blog20091212_Postcard

Next we have, presumably, a Mystery Tin Set, as there are TOO many pins to feature in a boxed set, of Press Passes from opening day Disneyland, featuring Classic Characters from the lands of the parks in 1955.DSPF10_pressaurora DSPF10_pressdopey DSPF10_presslittle DSPF10_pressmickey DSPF10_pressminnie DSPF10_pressmrtoad DSPF10_presspeterpan DSPF10_presspinocchio DSPF10_pressranger DSPF10_presstink

Finally we have an Annual Passholder pin preview for DLR as apart of the Dateline Disneyland Festival.Blog_20091205_55thPartners

Pictures and Information from Disney Parks Blog, and What’s HapPINing

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