December 1, 2009

Pics and Pins of Toons in the Kingdom

Opening as apart of Mickey’s 60th Anniversary in 1988, Mickey’s Birthdayland was suppose to be temporary. From the map below you can see that it was mostly made up of a couple tents and lots of trees.




To get to Mickey’s Birthdayland you could either take the train from Main Street or Frontierland or you could walk into it through Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.


Mickey’s Birthdayland was themed to Duckburg, at the time that was where the Toons lived, and they were celebrating Mickey’s 60th Birthday.4ddd6390

Grandma Duck’s petting zoo featured different types of farm animals, but its biggest attraction was Minnie-Moo, who was a cow that had a Mickey Head on its side.4e1c83a0 4e8961a0


Birthdayland featured Donald’s Boat also, but definitely NOT like what we have today in ToonTown Fair.bland1

The only building it featured was Mickey’s  House, which is basically the same today.bland3


Birthdayland also featured store facades of Duckburg.bland4

Birthdayland was replaced with Mickey’s Starland, basically it was virtually the same, just without the Birthday references.



Finally in 1996, Mickey’s Starland became Mickey’s ToonTown Fair.A01-01

Grandma Duck’s Petting Zoo became Goofy’s Barnstormer100_1503  1116AT_0408DZ50224797

And the old cutout, play area of Donald’s Boat was replaced in a new location with a bigger and better S.S. Miss Daisy, that is now a water playarea. 100_1505  3350755986_c1876d8cec


On to the pins…

The first “pin” we have is a button celebrating Mickey’s Birthdayland, it was given out in 1988 for the opening of the land, and Mickey’s 60th Anniversary. pin22160

Also, as a part of Walt Disney World’s 35th Anniversary Magical Moments collection, Mickey’s Birthdayland was the moment of 1988, it was a big thing, as other event happened in 1988, such as the debut of Illuminations at Epcot, and Disney artists picked Mickey’s Birthdayland to showcase.


There are THAT many pins for ToonTown Fair, but here are a few of them…

The logo featuring a Judge Mickey for his "ToonTown Fair”.pin1032

Minnie Showcases her pink house and car in this pin from Mickey’s ToonTown of Pin Trading Event from June 2002.pin20358

This Goofy’s Barnstormer pin was also released from event from above.

Finally we have the 10th Anniversary pin of Mickey’s ToonTown Fair. It is similar to the logo from above as it has Judge Mickey with the ribbon.pin48009

Within the next couple of years Mickey’s ToonTown Fair will move to Retro Yesterland as it will be demolished to make room for the new Circus Area of Fantasyland featuring the “Dueling Dumbos” and Pixie Hollow, both coming for the New Fantasyland Expansion by 2013.

Pictures and Information from Walt Dated World, PinPics, and Disney World Trivia

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