November 24, 2010

Anything and Everything Disney’s Animal Kingdom!!


Dear Global Disney Pinvestigation Readers,

In preparation for the 2011 Blogging Season I’m planning various postings and series throughout the first couple months of the year, so first and foremost I’m taking any and all suggestions for Blog Postings about ANYTHING Disney, from Movies to Shows to Theme Parks to Various Attractions or even Themed Lands… Anything!

In April, I’m planning a special, month long series, dedicated to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, from lands to attractions, and more special stuff to come. But in early December I will have the honor of going on a special tour with one of my friends (who is an Animal Kingdom lover), and has been on every tour offered at Disney’s Animal Kingdom multiple times.

In this special tour, I will be going on a in-depth walk through the park, earlier in the day she will be going on a Backstage Tour and asked me if I had any questions for her to ask, as of now I can  not think of anything, go figure! So I’m opening the floor up to you, the readers of GDP. What do you want to know about Disney’s Animal Kingdom?? Anything and Everything! Just email me, tweet me (be sure to use #GDPDAK in tweet), Direct Message Me on Twitter, or Facebook me. I will go through the questions and pick out the ones that are the most interesting, I have no specific number so I could pick all, or none.

Be sure to do either of those types of communication if you have suggestions for the blog topics as well.

I can’t wait to see what you wonder about Animal Kingdom. If all questions can be sent in by December 7, 2010 11:59pm EST. Oh, and I forgot to mention, from EVERYONE who sends in a question, I will be choosing a random winner for a special prize that will be announced in April!


         Cody Smith

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