January 3, 2011

Welcome New Year!!

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Dear GDP Readers,

Welcome All to 2011! The New Year has begun and Global Disney Pinvestigation has returned from its end-of-the-year hiatus. Though we didn’t produce as many postings as we had hoped to during our break, we are back in the new year with some great things ahead of us. Starting this Friday we will be presenting a series called The First Fifty, where each week we do a Pinvestigation on a Animated Disney Movie from Snow White to Rapunzel. A returning feature we will have once a month, is the Imagineering Insight, a popular series that didn’t take off last year, but this year it’s back with some changes. Our popular Fantasyland Forest Updates will return and be more frequent on Sundays, no more Fantasyland Fridays. This year we also will have specially themed months, like all of April will be dedicated to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and more.

We have many surprises to come. Be sure to stay tuned and follow us throughout the year.


Cody Smith

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