September 7, 2010

…Mister Bluebird On My Shoulder…






Passengers ride aboard six-seater logs with six single-file, two side by side in the back, individual so they can fit in their seats. The log departs the loading area, winding peacefully through scenery designed to evoke the feeling of a river in the Southern United States. Models of small riverside shacks and aged equipment are incorporated into the landscape, along with an instrumental version of "How Do You Do?" emanating from hidden speakers along the waterway. Several animal burrows are seen along the outdoor portion.



There are three lifts that raise the log up to higher levels during the ride, using friction on rubber-like conveyor belts to lift the logs. After a short drop down "Slippin' Falls", guests enter the indoor portion of the attraction,Critter-Country-12 where various audio-animatronic animals, such as geese, frogs, and opossums sing the attraction's first musical number, "How Do You Do?". Br'er Rabbit is seen laughing at Br'er Bear's misfortunes, preceding a drop (unique for its roller-coaster-like hill at the base) into the surreal Rainbow Caverns, where "Ev'rybody's Got a Laughing Place" can be heard.

Br'er Fox then manages to trap Br'er Rabbit in a beehive (originally planned, as in the original stories, as a depiction of the Tar Baby sequence, and altered to avoid the negative connotations associated with the image). The mood rapidly turns ominous as two mother characters sing the "Burrows Lament." The logs begin climbing up the final and longest lift Critter-Country-13hill, passing beneath two vultures that taunt guests and tell of foreboding danger. Shortly before the attraction's climactic drop, Br'er Rabbit is seen alongside the hill, about to be eaten by Br'er Fox.

But Br'er Rabbit outsmarts Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear by tricking them into throwing him into the briar patch (where he was born and raised). Riders are sent down the final drop into the briar patch, mimicking his fall. The top half of the drop is highly visible from the adjacent areas of the park. A photo is taken as the log begins to fall, and it can be purchased after disembarking from the ride. From the top of the hill, riders looking toward the splashdown point will notice a full pond of water ahead of them.

The log then 'dives' under the water (an effect accomplished by well-placed mist guns, which create a sheet of foggy vapor on Critter-Country-14level with the pond) into a long splashdown—the collective weight of the riders generally determines the degree to which they're drenched here. An indoor segment follows the drop, after which the logs make a final entrance into a section of the mountain named Doo-Dah Landing, where a full cast of Audio-Animatronic figures sing "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" and the     respective fates of Br'er Rabbit (reclined happily at home) and the antagonists (fending off a hungry alligator) are seen.

Before the return to the loading area, riders are given a preview of their picture that was taken on the final drop via a overhead screen(if you look to the left of you, there's a small framed picture of Mickey Mouse, classified as a Hidden Mickey). Barnaby Owl, an audio-animatronic overhead, calls the riders attention to the screen with various phrases describing the looks on their faces. After disembarking from the log, riders walk up a ramp which leads into a barn-themed room. Inside are more screens with previews of the photographs, along with a cabinet of photography-related tools and implements and framed pictures from Song of the South as well as other promotional character appearances. A final ramp leads riders back into Critter Country.


Onto the pins! The attraction’s poster is an ‘iconic’ one, and has been reproduced in pins a couple of times.

15861632     pin53251

There have also been many attraction ‘logos’ released of the Disneyland Splash Mountain. Look at the first logo of the attraction, it features no characters, and a S-made from water/a splash, with the title, Splash Mountain, in the middle. pin21287


Here are a couple more Splash Mountain logos of the Disneyland attraction, look, Br’er Rabbit looks grey, and throughout time he has become ‘browner’, and his clothes have changed.

pin219      pin1599


There have been many buttons released for this attraction throughout the attraction’s history.

pin14028    pin15045 pin36836    pin41161 

pin13107   pin33647


There have been a few pins released emphasizing the ‘wet’ theme, with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald coming off the ride, soaked.

pin3306   pin33648

This attraction is now considered a staple in Disney Theme Parks, and throughout it’s history, it has had many anniversary’s and pins/buttons have been released through its history.

pin210    pin32054


pin70015   pin71762             

The final pins we feature are Walt Disney Imagineering pins, featuring Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, and other pins signifying the ‘importance’ of this attraction, and its popularity, with an E-Ticket, and and Fast Pass.

pin69580    pin58303  

pin68621      pin73529

Pictures and Information from PinPics and All Ears Net

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