September 3, 2010

Fantasyland Forest Expansion—September 3, 2010


This is our monthly edition (now we will be trying a bi-monthly edition) of Fantasyland Forest Friday, keeping you up-to-date on the latest happenings over in the Fantasyland area that is being made over into the “Fantasyland Forest”. Be sure to follow our Fantasyland specific Twitter feed, FantasyLFriday.

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This Fantasyland Friday is going to be a short one (sorry). In the beginning of the month of August, Jason Garcia of The Daily Disney blog of the Orlando Sentinel posted two articles about a talk with Tom Staggs, and the plans to ‘subtract’ areas/attractions of the plans, like the Pixie Hollow area. If you missed the articles, here are the articles: Disney says Fantasyland expansion plans are changing and A few more words about Fantasyland…


10_refurb_09 Disney_6291

In the middle of the month, it was announced that the Mad Tea Party would close on September 26, 2010 and re-open on November 10, 2010. Once announced by Disney, fans and sites went wild with rumors of adding a new roof to the attraction, similar to what was in the aerial concept art. The new roof is rumored to be similar to Disneyland Paris version of the attraction, which is gorgeous.

Near the end of the month of August, Jack Blitch of Walt Disney Imagineering presented at the NASA Information Technology Summit, and gave a look at how computing is used within WDI to greatly enhance the design process of modern attractions. The video shown, has a walk-through of the Little Mermaid attraction and surrounding area, its a great look at the queue and the attraction.

Our final piece of ‘news’ from last month was a rumor that gained some steam again, Snow White Mine Rollercoaster. Many sites have information, and the details of this RUMOR have been varied from site to site, person to person. All ‘sources’ say that the attraction will go in place of the Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty Meet and Greet Areas. Though the information after the location has been mixed up from site to site, such as it will be a rollercoaster, others saying it will be a dark ride-esque attraction with small rollercoaster portions. For me, I really could care less, I feel like I’ve seen this rumor so many times, and I’ll finally believe it, when I see it, until then (even if its announced), I won’t.


Now, onto a small photo report (pictures from today, September 3rd, 2010). There was lots of movement behind the wall, the bulldozers (yes PLURAL, there were about 3) was moving rapidly, and VERY close to the wall, in the area of the proposed Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty meet and greets.

006  008 010  012  014  015 

I decided to take a ride on Dumbo, the Flying Elephant, it was a good decision, we saw above the wall, LOTS of stuff going on, MUCH MORE than what the pictures show (the attraction was moving very quickly, so I just pointed and shot). They ARE digging a large hole in the area of where the Beast’s Castle/Be Our Guest Restaurant will be located (not pictured)

020  021  024


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