January 22, 2010

GDP Special Report: New Fantasyland UPDATE 2.0

If you haven’t seen yesterday’s post featuring a breakdown of the new Fantasyland area, check it out here.

And here is an  UPDATE!

I would like to thank Stitch Kingdom, The Disney Blog, and the Disboard for posting links. (If there are other links out there to the post, please let me know.)

Since I posted this blog yesterday, my site has had over 2,000 hits in 24 hours. That is an astronomical number, especially when my weekly numbers are in the hundreds. I have two updated pictures one from a reader, Kevin, and another from the Disboard’s Robo (also posted on Stitch Kingdom).

Here is the first, from reader Kevin, who emailed me this picture, featuring an overlaid blueprint on the current land. Its kind of hard to see, but it gives another glance.


This final image is from Disboard’s Robo, it features the 3D model from above, and he laid words over it to show us where everything was.


Finally, I am told that Imagineers have made a former backstage area in ToonTown their new home. And that this model is there, as well as the model will supposedly be on display at the First Anniversary D23 Event in Magic Kingdom. (These aren’t official, but it is just hearsay)

Thanks again for all the success from this blog! I hope you all return to GDP for more information.

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