January 16, 2010

Weekly (Pin) News

Today we will start off with a quick Disneyland Resort Paris news, these (below) will be the new ticket pictures for the new “celebration” beginning in April, New Generation Festival.09_ngftickets_01sm

Onto some movie news, here are a few more press pictures for Alice in Wonderland.20448_243653871667_96787126667_3123658_2689671_n


A new DeeBees set will be coming out sometime soon, here is a sneak peak of the new Journey Set.109146867

Released this week in DLR was a Surprise pin featuring the fastpass for Mulholland Madness, many people think that the date is the next release, but people have been corrected, as February 8th is the opening of the attraction. 400017442679

Onto a few sneak peaks for WDW in March. First we have a Steampunk pin “featuring park logos”.Blog_20100111_MechanicalMickey

Second we have a sneak peak at the Walt’s Classic Collection for March, Fantasia.Blog_20100116_Diana

This week What’s HapPINing blog featured a few more Hidden Mickey pins, giving us the “story” behind them.

Disneyland® Resort

Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks
This five pin collection features characters from Disney's Bedknobs and Broomsticks featured on pins that look like award metals. Originally, these pins were planned to be done in gold but all Hidden Mickey pins have a silver base metal color (which is one of the identifying marks along with the Hidden Mickey icon in the art and the approximate size of 1.25"). From left to right, the characters pictured in the pins are as follows:

  • King Leonidas
  • Fisherman Bear
  • Secretary Bird
  • Mr. Codfish
  • Vultures

    The Black Cauldron
    Disney's The Black Cauldron
    This five pin collection features characters from Disney's The Black Cauldron which celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2010. From left to right, the characters pictured in the pins are as follows:

  • Taran
  • Princess Elionwy
  • Dallben
  • Hen Wen
  • Horned King

    Steven told us that he picked Dallben over Fflewddur Fflam as he was voiced by Freddie Jones, an actor who stared in several science fiction films from the early 1980s which Steven enjoys. What we want to know is where's Gurgi? [grin]

    Walt Disney World® Resort

    Neon Mickey Mouse
    This five pin collection was inspired by artwork for neon colored boxers. The item was hanging in a display room at Disney Theme Park Merchandise and Steven thought the various neon colors of Mickey Mouse would make a nice collection of pins. This is collection was also inspired by the colorful faces series from the 2009 collection of Hidden Mickey pins - kind of like part two to that series.

    Mickey Mouse

    Neon Boxer Print

    Pin Trading Phrases
    The artwork for this five pin collection was created by Daniel Kaplan, trading coordinator for Disney Pins. They feature several phrases from the Disney Pin Trading world. We think our favorite is "This Is Not A Pin!" Wait ... it is, isn't?

    Pin Trading Phrases

  • Finally in pin news, more road signs were placed around the site, here are a preview of some of the Trade City USA pins. DPC10_Auto      DPC10_Balloon DPC10_Minnie'sB&B DPC10_Pinernational DPC10_PTTroop DPC10_Return DPC10_WD DPC10_Wolf

    On to Vinylmations, this week the Vinylmation site previewed two figures from the upcoming Oh Mickey! set. OhMickey1-1


    Also shown this week, was the Cinderella Tin for the Commemorative 60th Anniversary figure.VMBlog_20100115_Cindtin VMBlog_20100115_Cindtinart

    Finally, Walt Disney World’s Table in Wonderland dining program updated their list of restaurants that you can now use your discount at, the list of added restaurants (first, below), and then we have the list of ALL the restaurants.



    Pictures and information from Vinylmation Site, Disney Pins, and DLRP Magic

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