January 2, 2010

2010: A Year in Preview

Hello All GDP Readers!

Welcome 2010. We have made it to 2010. This year in Disney is a big year in pins, vinylmations and parks. And be sure that GDP will be there to cover it.

Today’s NEWS brief will tell what is to come in 2010 both in the world of Pins, Vinylmations, Parks, and the blog.

Lets start out with the blog, GDP. Global Disney Pinvestigation will be starting some new monthly segments this year: Vinylmation Connection, Imagineering Insights, Movie Mondays. GDP will also be keeping some our your favorites like Pinvestigations, and Pics and Pins segments, and enhancing some rarely used segments like Retro Lookbacks, and Weenie Wednesdays.

Here is the breakdown for the months, and the segments.

Our new segments features include:

-Imagineering Insights will take place the first Wednesday of each month, and GDP will take famous Disney Legends and Historical Figures and give biographies, pics and pins of them and their work. Some we have lined up for the months ahead include Mary Blair, Harriet Burns, and Marvin Davis.

-Movie Monday (and Tuesday)takes place on the third Monday (and Tuesday) of every month. GDP will try to highlight movies of that month that have debuted in that month. We will discover the history, original concepts, etc. Basically, what GDP does for theme park attractions and lands, Movie Monday does for movies. Monday will be the history and perspective, then Tuesday will be the Pics and Pins of (the movie). Think our Princess and the Frog week, but scaled back a bit.

-Vinylmation Connection takes place on the fourth Friday of the month. As GDP tries to focus a bit more on Vinylmations, we figured the best way was to take a monthly Vinylmation and try to connect THAT Vinylmation with a series, post or story from that month. For example, this month we will do a two week series on “it’s a small world” and then we will do a Vinylmation Connection at the end of the month and see how similar they really are.

As having new features in 2010, GDP will be having some returning laggers:

-Retro Lookback will return on a monthly basis, on the third Friday of each month. Retro Lookbacks will take a look at a past attraction, restaurant, parade. And basically do a short Historical Pinvestigation and Pics and Pins on that attraction, restaurant or parade. Some of the ones we have lined up are Superstar Limo and CommuniCore.

-Weenie Wednesdays will take place the last Wednesday of the month and will feature a short history and pics and pins of the “weenie”. We won’t just do the classic weenies like the Castles, or the Tree of Life. We will also take a look at build in weenies like the Moonliner, or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

GDP will also have returning favorite segments like the Pinvestigations, GDP Special Reports, and of course we cant live without Pics and Pins and Weekly (Pin) News… 2010 has lots in store for GDP so stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy.

If you have any other ideas for segments, or movie, attractions, shows or Retro Lookbacks you would like me to do, PLEASE PLEASE share with me. You tweet me @gdpinvestigator, comment here, or email them to me at gdpinvestigator(at)gmail.com. Also, im thinking about doing some contests this year, to get more people involved in the site, etc. But i cant think of ANY contest ideas, PLEASE let me know any contest ideas you have. Thanks.

On to the actual pin previews of the year. 2010 will bring new pin-of-the-month collections at both resorts. Here's a list of all of the new series:

Shared Collections:

  • Tinker Bell Birthstone Collection
  • The Haunted Mansion® Magazines
  • Walt's Classic Collection
  • White Glove Dated 2010
  • Mickey Mouse Icon with Characters

Walt Disney World® Resort:

  • Characters with Cinderella Castle
  • Disney Pin Trading 10th Anniversary Tribute Collection
  • Walt Disney World® Attractions - Then and Now

Disneyland® Resort:

  • Characters with Sleeping Beauty Castle
  • Decade of Magical Trades Tribute Collection
  • Piece of Disney History

Here are some of the Pin of the Month pins announced above. (Some haven't made their way onto Disney Pins yet.

First we have the SHARED RELEASE pin of the month sets…

Tinkerbell Birthstone Set… (the like millionth series of this, HOW MANY TINKERBELL birth STUFF things can you have)400109153148

Haunted Mansion Magazine covers, first is Madame Leota (WHY does there have to be ANOTHER HM monthly set?)400109156729

Walt’s Classic Collection (kinda the same as the Disneyland version from 2009, but I like that it is shared, i think they should have just given it to WDW, but overall, the ONLY set im excited about sharing)400000018683400000018386  400000018690 400000018768

2010 White Glove set…400109141787

The final shared set was SUPPOSED to ONLY be for WDW, then i guess management thought it would be a good idea to share it. (I kind of like this idea of the set as it is TWO pins that interchange, the Mickey shape and character can be separated and interchanged with other pins from the set.)400109148816

On to WDW Pin of the Months… Character with Castle is pin #1, i think it is a WEIRD idea, kind of like the Mickey Icon with characters in 2009.400109146898

The WDW Tribute Collection continues through October, with these two being released in January.400109132754 400109132761

The new monthly pin collection of Then and Now begins with Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (the then) and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (the now).400109150369

Over to Disneyland, they have the character with castle set, but with Sleeping Beauty Castle, instead of Cinderella Castle, in WDW.This January one features Tinkerbell on it.400017453224

A new set to DLR is the Decade of Magical Trading set is similar to the WDW Tribute Collection, but features DLR pins. This first pin from January features  one of the first Pin Trading Logo pins EXCLUSIVE to DLR.400017442594

January’s Piece of History Set II pin for DLR has not made it up onto Disney Pins yet, so we dont know what it is.

On to a few vinylmation previews… These are not OFFICALLY to be released in 2010, but we can presume them to be released in 2010 as they have been previewed and they are in the set of Park Series 4, Muppet Series, etc. For more previews and information on perspective 2010 Vinylmation Releases and pictures of full series, check out the Official Disney Vinylmation Site, VinlyNation, Vinylmation Connection and Vinylmation Station.651850709_Z54JV-L 651851612_9ANij-L 651871677_T7S6r-L



Pictures and Information of Pins from Disney Pins, Pictures and Information of Vinylmations courtesy of Vinylmation Station (a WDWNT Network)

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