January 29, 2010

Pinvestigation: A Bug’s Land!

A Bug’s Land was the first “big” addition to Disney’s California Adventure after it opened. Although Bountiful Valley Farm and Its Tough to be a Bug opened with the park in February 2001, the land opened over a year after the park opened.

Opening in October 2002 in response from guests that it lacked “kid friendly” attractions. Originally to be called Flik’s Fun Fair with a few attractions, the land “expanded” to include the Bountiful Valley Farm, and changed name to a bug’s land. The area is themed as though guests are actually bug sized. Oversized human items and foodstuffs are scattered around the land, similar to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area at Disney Hollywood Studios.




You might ask how do bugs and DCA’s California theme connect, well as with everything in Disney the Imagineers created a story behind it.

It reveals that Flik and the other bugs were inspired to create their own fun fair when Disney's California Adventure opened next door to them. When the Imagineers set out to build the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, they discovered the bugs in the garden and decided to open up Flik's fair to park guests.



The area offers many attractions in a small area. image

First, the Bountiful Valley Farms opened with the park, as a “tour” of a farm, when A Bugs Land opened, various characters were placed around the area. pin3552



Added to the park in 2002 was Flik’s Fun Fair.IMG_8257

pin15730 pin14505

pin18721 pin16184

With featured Flik’s Flyers, where guests ride on contraptions that are like hotair balloons, similar to Blowfish Balloon Race in Tokyo DisneySea’s Mermaid Lagoon.


pin15731 pin74420

Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train is a “kiddie” train ride on the caterpillar “eating” through the various foods. Heimlichs%20Chew%20Chew%20Train_00


pin15734 pin15966

Francis’ Ladybug Boogie is a “Mad Tea Party” type attraction where you board a Francis vehicle, and “boogie” to the music.Francis-Ladybug-Boogie_01

Francis-Ladybug-Boogie_06          pin15733 pin15963

Tuck and Roll’s Drive ‘Em Buggies is a “bumper car” style attraction as guest board the bugs. 

pin15735   pin15965

Princess Dot’s Puddle Park is a water play area, similar to Honey I Shrunk the Audience play area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.Princess%20Dot%20Puddle%20Park_02 pin15732


The one shop located in the land is P.T. Flea Market, themed to PT Flea, the flea that was the ringmaster of circus in the movie, A Bug’s Life.Bountiful%20Valley%20Farm_040

pin42829 pin70331 

Pictures and Information from PinPics and WDW Info

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