January 13, 2010

…That it’s Time We’re Aware…

DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2000 DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2002

Disneyland Paris’s “its a small world” is the closest to the original Disneyland attraction, with its gardens, large open spaces, and topiaries. Opening with the park on April 12th, 1992.DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2003




Your journey starts outside, under a covered loading area – and you stay protected from the elements throughout the entire attraction.DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2008

As you enter the show-building, you travel through a long tunnel, you are moving underneath the Disneyland Railroad tracks. Along the way you see stylized travel posters from locations all around the world.DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2010

When the attraction opened, the MAIN difference, besides the facade, was that the attraction featured North America scenes of the United States and Canada. (Concept art below)647689806_2iKWG-S        DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2014 DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2015 DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2016 DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2017 DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2018 DLP%20It's%20A%20Small%20World%2019

Other than the North America scenes, nothing is MAJORLY different. But a lot of Disney fans regard this attraction as THE BEST small world around the world, because it has fantastic scenes with more depth and detail and color.

The holiday layover debuted last year, 2009, and continued the Holiday layover tradition. Video (courtesy of DLRP Today) below of ride through.

DLP doesnt have that many small world pins. This first one is like the entrance sign of the attraction. dlp1-pin22507

Another pin features Stitch in a hula skirt, in the Hawaii scene.pin43715

Our final pin for this Paris feature is a Cast Member pin given to the “Crew members” who worked the new its a small world Celebration.dlp2-pin74488  

Pictures and Information from Pin Pics, All Ears Net, and DLRP Magic

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