January 30, 2010

Weekly (Pin) News

Today we have a VERY quick WPN.

First we have this DCL pin that was the first pin in the new pin of the month set, each month features a character, January is Stitch.400000052670

Also this week, Whats HapPINing showed us a preview of a sculpt that will be released at the Dateline Disneyland Summer Pin Festival. The plaque is a pin.Blog_20100125_Sculp1 Blog_20100125_Sculp2 Blog_20100125_Sculp3

Finally in pin news, we have a new set released this past week, PT52. A new mystery pouch set that is RANDOM and NO ONE knows what is inside. There are 52 pins in the set, BUT with every one of the 52 colored pins there is a Golden Chaser, like the Golden DeeBee chasers. Check out the list of pins in the series,and some pictures.Blog_20100126_PT52Pouch


Finally, in Vinylmation news, we have several previews. This first one is said to be from the Have a Laugh Set (from VinylNation)VMBlog_2010125

These other previews are of the new Sports set coming out later this year.VMBlog_20100126 VMBlog_20100127_sports VMBlog_20100128_sports

Finally, VinylNation has a pictures of the Muppets Series #1 Chaser, Kermit in a Tuxedo.muppetchaser1 That is it for today, told you all it was gonna be short and quick.

Pictures and Information from OVS, VinylNation, and What’s HapPINing

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  1. The Disneyland 55 sculpture/pin is great! So us the mystery pin pouch!