January 22, 2010

Vinylmation Connection: “it’s a small world”

Today is our first of our monthly series, Vinylmation Connection. This monthly feature will take you away from the world of pins, and bring you to the world of Vinylmations. Many people “don’t understand them”, and that is totally acceptable. Vinylmations are like art, each person likes and dislikes a variety of things for different reasons.

So this feature, Vinylmation Connection, coincides with our soon to be launched Vinylmation Discussion forum, Vinylmation Connection. And this feature will take a Vinylmation and connect it to something that we here at GDP have “Pinvestigated” in the past month. We Hope You Enjoy!

We start off with a VC from a blog series we had at the beginning of the month, “it’s a small world”. Vinylmations and ‘it’s a small world’ have more in common then you would think. Besides that people either love or hate both. But, ‘it’s a small world’ is the ONLY Disney Theme Park attraction to have more than one Vinylmation figurine depicting it.

The first Vinylmation for ‘it’s a small world’ appeared in the very first Vinylmation series, Park Series #1. The figure is one of the original 9 inch figurines, and it sold out very quickly, like the rest of the set, but it was one of the first. This figure was Limited Edition. The figure features the iconic clockface on the Mickey head, and has the various “Mary Blair-esque/Rolly Crump” numbers on its body, in the pastel colors. Par9-4

On the back of Mickey’s head, features a circle of ‘it’s a small world’ children, in their various incarnations from the different countries. the base color on the back is light blue. The rest of the figure’s body features artwork similar to the outside facade of Disneyland’s attraction, featuring a Dutch Windmill, the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, as well as Mary Blair-esque buildings. Par9-4

The second ‘it’s a small world’ Vinylmation that was released was released as the Chaser (the mystery one) of Park Series #3. This vinylmation isn’t really a direct take from the attraction, but seemed to be more inspired by the attraction.Par3-Chase Par3-Chase

If anyone has ACTUAL pictures of these Vinylmations and you would like to send them into GDPinvestigation, feel free to, we always love reader involvement.

And be sure to check out a new Vinylmation based discussion forum, Vinylmation Connection, and follow on Twitter @VinylConnection.

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