January 1, 2010

Hidden Mickey Collection 2010: A Perspective

It isn’t very often where I really, and truly express my opinion about a certain subject, on this blog. I try to remain unbiased. But with the release of the Hidden Mickey Collection 2010 this morning and many people having negative opinions is… i don’t really know how to express my opinion. So for you NON Pin collectors out there, im sorry to exclude you, but I think this may be the ONE and ONLY time that i am telling you that you don’t have to read this post. As always, feel free to read along, but i fell that it won’t interest you.

Lets start with Walt Disney World’s collection. image[14] I will start by saying these are all different and nice, yes, and some of them are a bit strange. Overall, i will only collect the ones i want, like the Stitch as Smokey, the Remember Opening Oct 1971, and the SMRT 1, as well as the pennants. I normally only try to collect the ones I like or want, and not try to complete the whole collection, like others try to do. My problem isn’t really with the WDW ones, as they are normally released pretty close together, and a “scrapper” problem isn’t as big as over in California. As said before, if you want to collect the whole collection, go for it, if not that is ok too. (I know i don’t). Right now im done talking about WDW’s pins, because the pin traders don’t have the outcry like over in DLR.

On to Disneyland Resort…

image[5]My MAIN problem with the people saying they won’t collect them for one reason, and one reason only is that their reason, in my honest opinion a not a valid reason to not collect them, is because they will all be released at the same time. Now lets think about it. ALL 60 pins released at ONE TIME! That is NOT gonna happen. I think what Disney meant by saying that is that they weren’t gonna be “monthly” like they have been for the past couple of years. Sure they might release a lot at one time like maybe 10 every couple weeks. In my opinion it is a GOOD REASON. And a better reason to collect them, you have the scrapper issue too, yes. But you basically nipping the issue in the bud, so to speak. They release them before the “scrapper” version (WHICH ARE NOT FAKE pins, they are ERRORS still authorized by Disney, many people confuse them) get on the market, lets face it they already are. But it SHOULD be better for traders knowing that if they get all 60 sooner, then waiting for the WHOLE YEAR to pass there is a MORE LIKELY chance they will be real then fake.

I guess my main issue with SOME pin traders, (and they ARE in the minority), is that they AUTOMATICALLY think of the BAD or the Negative, and not think of the good. Disney could not even make these on lanyards, and just automatically place them in mystery packs, OR not at all. Sure the pins aren’t as “nice” or unique as the original sets were, but these are getting into movies now, how many pins of Bedknobs and Broomsticks OR the Black Cauldron do you see out there, they also give these collectors something to look forward to. What one person may think is a hideous pin or as something they would never collect, someone else might have it all depends on the person’s collection and interest of pins.

This whole “scrapper” issue makes people think of pins as GOLD, guess what? They aren’t they are small pieces of metal that you can just give up at any point. NO ONE is forcing you to collect or spend $1000s on pins. You have to remember this is suppose to be a FUN hobby and not suppose to be serious. I know some people make it a business, but for most of us out there it is a fun hobby where you can relax and (once again) just have FUN!  And people take the “Scrapper” issue way to far. I understand if you STOP all together collecting Hidden Mickey pins because of the “scrapper” issue, and that is totally understandable, and those are the people that DON’T complain and they just stop and they DONT have to announce it to the whole world, and i truly respect them because they dont have to announce their moves to the whole world. They just stop and continue having fun.

I know this has been a WHOLE pin related post, (and once again non pin collectors, im sorry if you read all of this). And i try NOT to make any post ALL pin related, unless its about pin news, and such. So i hope you all understand where im coming from. There are message boards that i could have posted this on, but im SURE this would have been deleted SO i took it higher and posted HERE on my blog where ALL people can read it etc. IF you have any questions, or concerns, OR would like to express your thoughts about the Hidden Mickey Collection 2010 PLEASE PLEASE email them to me at gdpinvestigator(at)gmail.com.

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