January 14, 2010

it’s a small world, after all.


On December 14, 2006, Hong Kong Disneyland some expansion plans, to be ready in 2007 and 2008. Among them were the Animation Academy of Main Street, Mickey’s WaterWorks Parade, and its a small world.


When announced attraction was going to have some differences, compared to the other attractions around the world. For Hong Kong Disneyland's ride, guests will also be treated to a few unique treats not seen in any other version, including:

  • Over 30 Disney characters integrated into the attraction, including Aladdin, Mulan and Peter Pan
  • An expanded Asia section which will include famous regional landmarks such as the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and the Hong Kong skyline
  • A Middle Eastern scene
  • A new North American scene not even found in North America
  • A grand finale with optical effects not found on any other Disney ride

20061214_p1a  310-O 311-M

For HKDL, Imagineers picked a canal type layout, instead of a flooded layout, like in Florida. The canal layout would let the guests get closer to the scenes, and allow guests to feel they are floating through the world, and that it is all connected. The canal gives it a "floating through a storybook" feel.647717018_ozSgA-S

At the D23 Expo, they had a panel discussing the history and evolution of the attraction, “Its a small world” (Pictures from Magic Eye Blog)

It featured concept art of various new Disney Character dolls to featured in the HKDL attraction.647718160_WwMGE-S 647720743_jTyB4-S 647721160_qYmR2-S 647721428_BYmQK-S  647722642_wY7TS-S

A model of the White Rabbit figure.647722871_U3t7a-X3

Picture of the construction wall.1304-M


The attraction opened on April 28, 2008, and was the first attraction, outside the berm of Hong Kong Disneyland. Guests have to walk under the Railroad tracks. 2178-O

2409901429_2ec5f4d66e a DLP%20Small%20World%2003

The inside of the loading area.DLP%20Small%20World%2004

Pinocchio in the European section.2199-M

Cinderella and Prince Charming.03%20Cinderella

Part of the new America section, featuring Woody and Jesse.2164-M

The Canadian section, with Totem poles, and a Mountee.2165-M

Pocahontas and Meeko on top of cliff in new North American section.08%20Pocahontas,%20Meko%20and%20Flit

The exit of the new North America room, guests leave under the Golden Gate Bridge, and pass by the Statue of Liberty.2166-M

Part of the new extended Asian section, featuring the cityscape of Hong Kong.20080328

A new temple in the extended Asian section.2167-M

Indian Temple.2168-M

Extended Japanese section.2169-M

Aladdin, Jasmine, Magic Carpet, and Abu added in the new Middle Eastern section.04%20Aladdin%20and%20Jasmine 05%20Genie%20and%20Abu

Mowgli and Baloo added in the Asian section.10%20Baloo%20and%20Mowgli

New added Arctic/ North Pole section.2177-M

African section, featuring Simba, Pumbaa, Timon, and Mufasa in the background.2180-O  2231-M

Onto the pins…

Many of the pins were released by WDI for the opening of the attraction in April 2008. They are all logo pins.

This one features the classic logo with the children of the world in the boat.pin61697

Simple logo, with Chinese translation as a dangle.hkdl1-pin54971

The rest of the pins feature different of the newly added Disney Characters to the logos.

Donald, Panchito, and Jose…pin62640





Simba and Pumbaa…pin62645

Now onto the pins released in Hong Kong Disneyland for the opening of the attraction.

The Grand Opening pin, featuring a mixture of the children of the world, and some Disney characters.hkdl2-pin61659   pin61693 pin61694 pin61695 pin61696

“its a small world” Christmas debuted in the winter of 2009. This layover was similar to the Disneyland, Tokyo, and Paris versions.  hkdl3-pin74587

Pictures and Information from All Ears Net, HKDL Source, and Pin Pics

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