January 12, 2010

…There’s so Much That We Share…


Opening with the park on April 15, 1983, Tokyo Disneyland’s small world is like Disneyland’s as it has its own building and facade. Except it is MORE colorful and always has been. As the weather in Tokyo Disneyland is not like in California AND it is in Tokyo Disneyland, which means the Oriental Land Company will pay for its upkeep.DLP%20Small%20World%2005

Like a lot of Tokyo Disneyland’s attractions, they are similar, if not copies of Magic Kingdom’s attractions, this one has a smaller good bye room, then the others around the world. small-world  fantasy_atr09_ph1

After Disneyland’s “its a small world” Holiday proved to be popular, they brought it over to Tokyo, and it has proved popular since. spex06w01


There are once again, only a few pins for its a small world…

These first two feature the characters, Minnie,and Daisy dressed up as the Cast Members of the attraction. pin40222


Pin released at Japanese Disney Stores showing the colorful facade and clock face.pin6039

Our final pin is a WDI pin featuring concept art of the holiday overlay.pin48251  

Pictures and Information from Pin Pics and Mice Chat

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