January 8, 2010

…And a World of Fears…


Beginning the three park tradition of the attraction opening with the park, “its a small world” opened on October 1st, 1971 with Magic Kingdom, and is one of the original opening day attractions. Magic Kingdom’s its a small world is a bit boring (history wise). As it doesn't have that much of a change that have occurred. The only major thing that has happened in the attraction’s history was, the ride underwent a major refurbishment from May 2004 to March 2005, reopening with a state-of-the-art sound system, new lighting effects, and a loading area similar to the ride's façade at Disneyland.

Since the attraction is housed as a part of the Fantasyland “festival”/ village area of the land, it is themed with “tents” and such, at the entrance. It is the ONLY small world attraction to NOT be located in its own building. The attraction shares its residence with Pinocchio’s Village Haus. And does not have the Mary Blair/ Rolly Crump style facade.sworld5

Then in 2007, the attraction’s entrance was refurbished a bit to add this new entrance sign, and its more then the few words that used to be there.DLP%20Small%20World%2007 IASW1

A window Pinocchio’s Village Haus looks out over the queue and loading area of the attraction. (below)DLP%20Small%20World%2008

The exit room has good bye phrases in stylized flowers, unlike Disneyland’s version which features post cards.smallworld

Since Magic Kingdom’s attraction doesn't feature the facade of the building, like the other small worlds of the world, most of its pins feature the children of the attraction, rather than the attraction facade itselfmk2-pin1140



This set features the children of the world…pin7120 pin7121 pin7122 pin7976 pin8821 pin10983 pin10984 pin10985 pin20552 pin32361

In the late 2000s, there were two sets of buttons, a boys set (below), and a girl/animal set (not pictured), featuring children and animals from around the world.pin32671 pin61046


This pin was released to commemorate the Grand RE Opening of its a small world in 2005, featuring the new loading background of the Disneyland facade.mk3-pin37402

Since that refurbishment,more pins have used the loading backdrop.pin54301   pin63278

Minnie is used in a few pins to show her in some of the small world scenes.pin63700 pin72298

Our final pin is from Walt Disney World’s Piece of History Collection II, and features the Dutch Girl Dolls, and their “piece” of history is part of their song books.mk4-pin46980

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