January 7, 2010

…It’s a World of Hopes…

Today we have our Pics and Pins of Disneyland’s its a small world… Enjoy!

A picture of the facade around the time that the attraction opened in Disneyland.3130964479_79f98a80d7

Pictures of Walt with some of the children from the India scene.Walt & Mary Blair-Small W

iasw2 7f49


The rededication speech by Roy E Disney in August 1989 is in front of the attraction.iasw

This picture represents the opening and colorful decorations of the facade with the its a small world Holiday that debuted in 1997, and it has been popular since then and a fan favorite. It has ran every year since its debut.3090245765_da2ac97751


Imagineer Alice Davis, holds doll plans in hand as she redresses the children after the 11-month refurbishment.Small-World-Alice-Davis-web

Pictures of the various new Disney characters added to the attraction at the beginning of 2009.

Woody, Jesse, and Bullseye in the new North America scene.Small-World-Disney-Chars-1-

Cinderella and Mice in Europe scene.Small-World-Disney-Chars-3-

Aladdin, Jasmine and Magic Carpet in the Middle Eastern scene.Small-World-Disney-Chars-4-

The Three Cabaerllos, Donald Duck, Jose and Panchito in the South American scene.Small-World-Disney-Chars-5-

Mulan on top of the cliff with Mushu in the updated Asian scene.iasw_mulan

Finally, we have Marlin and Dory in the Australian scene.iasw_nemo1

On to the pins… We start out with some logo pins featuring several different entrance signs of the attraction.pin15946

This pin was released in 2005 in a Disney Shopping Catalog for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary. This pin features the sign that was on the attraction when it opened in 1966 at Disneyland. a-pin42877


The attraction has had several different attraction posters. This one is the first poster, the others are the current posters and are used throughout the world, there are different versions of the second poster, each are from Walt Disney Imagineering.pin5833



pin69627 pin73525

On to some ride scene pins… pin2525 pin2526 g-pin2519


pin37475 pin54311

One of the first small world pins released in 1998.b-pin202

A few pins feature the children of the world inside one of the boats…f-pin54842 pin74474

Another main feature of this attraction, is of course, the children of the world, and many pins feature the children. pin52157

In January 2009, these six Hidden Mickey Collection pins were released as a part of the series in 2009 in Disneyland.pin68027 pin68031 pin68070 pin68100

k-pin68030 l-pin68101

Many of small world’s pins feature the exterior facade of the attraction, which has changed the colors several time, from white and gold, to colorful, and back to white and gold. d-pin67309


pin39308      pin56862 pin57233 pin59570 pin69080 pin69587

The small world is so popular, there are many pins featuring parodies, like this Lilo and Stitch in the Hawaiian scene, in “It’s a Stitch World”.pin48000 pin49633

This WDI pin was released a part of the attraction theme song collection, and featured the classic, and memorable “its a small world”.pin66379

There are several pins showcasing the Holiday layover for the attraction, that debuted in 1997.h-pin39281 i-pin3276


Take a look at It’s A Small World Holiday ride thru.

In 2006, the attraction had it’s 40th Anniversary in Disneyland Resort. Several pins were of course released to commemorate this.pin47015


After the 2008 refurbishment, the attraction opened with the Disney characters, and featured many pins, like this new logo, inspired by the HKDL logo from 2008 (will be shown next week).n-pin69260

The White Rabbit is featured on the Cast Member Grand Opening pin.m-pin68234

This set was released around the opening…r-pin68062

These next several feature the new Disney Characters in the Its a Small World, now that they are newly appointed to the attraction in 2009.pin73508 pin73510  q-pin73509 p-pin73506

Finally, we have a mystery set featuring some of the new Mary Blair-esque Disney Characters in their holiday garb, and it gave the fans and audience a sneak peak of what was to happen in the Holiday layover.o-pin72695

Lets end today’s post with a ride through of the NEW Disneyland version featuring the Spirit of America scene, and the Disney Characters.

Pictures and Information from Pin Pics, Disney Pins, and All Ears Net 

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