January 27, 2010

Wonderful World of Weenies: Tree of Life

Today we venture into the Wonderful World of Weenies, we are featuring the Tree of Life!

Before the Tree of Life was an idea for Disney’s Animal Kingdom as the park’s weenie, Joe Rhode thought of the Carousel of Life, a multi story carousel featuring different types of animals on top of each other.ak_carousel

Now lets take a look at some concept art of the Tree of Life, all featuring the giant tree with various animal carvings. Many of the pieces features the Tree of Life in the various situations/area themes that it was planned to be in.ak-tree-of-life-2

522313_-_Tree_of_Life ak_1  ak_tree_of_life_3 ak_tree_of_life_4

This is a rare piece that was shown at the park’s 10th Anniversary event, where guests could listen to Joe Rhode talk about the concept of the park.TreeConcept

A few Tree of Life models.tree_model_1 tree_model_2

The building of the great tree, they used Oil Rigs to help support the weight of the branches, and were able to make a building out of the tree.mmwdw04



100_0375   100_0509  100_0511

Around the bottom of the tree is the Tree of Life Gardens, a walking trail around the tree where you can see hidden animals and the carved tree.disney,%20Tree%20of%20life%20garden%20sign  Tree-of-Life-detail3


Onto the pins…pin64650





pin74981   pin27658 pin42255


pin55712 pin59717

Pictures and Information from Disney and More and Pinpics

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