April 2, 2010

Fantasyland Forest Friday-- April 2010

This will begin our monthly update (and more frequent as time passes) that will we will update with the latest information and pictures of the Fantasyland Forest Expansion of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Past Fantasyland Forest “Fridays”:

January 2010 and January 2010 2.0

Lets take a look at some of the new Construction Walls (well, kind of new, from Jan/Feb/March) around Fantasyland. First, we have some walls that have appeared around the back berm of the land, behind Pooh’s Playful Spot, and the back of the land.159 054

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh facade has begun its transformation into the Fantasyland Forest area, similar to the Mrs. Pott’s Cupboards which debuted earlier in the year (pictured below).

160 161   164



Picture of the thatched roof recently revealed at Mrs. Pott’s Cupboard.166

In March 2009, several walls popped up in the middle of the land. Could these be for the Castle Walls??

046 052

asdfasd castle wall

On March 10, we received two more pieces of Concept Art at the Magic Kingdom D23 First Anniversary Party, both are from the Beauty and the Beast area. Featuring Maurice’s Cottage (top) and the Beast’s Castle (below)

4411058235_460e0e9a44 4411825712_b40d24dca1

Our final piece of information could be something new… With the recent release of the information that the new San Angel Inn Cantina could possibly be a all Quick Service for Lunch, and half Quick Service/half Table Service for dinner. Could that be a testing phase for the Be Our Guest Restaurant??? As it is rumored that the Be Our Guest Restaurant will be that same way. We will see.


Stay tuned for May 2010’s update. It’s just a month away.

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