April 30, 2010

What’s To Come?: When Thunder Mountain and Grizzly Peak Collide in Hong Kong



When Hong Kong Disneyland opened in September 2005, it was always rumored that it was go get a Frontierland-esque land. Rumors popped up here and there, but nothing was official, until June 2009, when Hong Kong Disneyland officially announced their new expansion areas. Among the ideas announced was the Grizzly Trails area of the expansion, the signature attraction Grizzly Mountain Coaster (name not official yet), seems to take the ideas of Big Thunder Mountain, Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, and Grizzly River Run and combine them into one cohesive attraction.


First the train seems to go up the lift hill into the mine shaft. When in the mine, riders will encounter their first Grizzly bear. The train is arrives at an intersection where a bear scratching his back on the track switch will direct the train to the "dangerous" tunnel 4.



The next scene (possibly, not official) the train is going up at high speed inside the mine, and will drop outside the mine shaft. Another scene that features bears is where guests will see a Grizzly bear aboard a mine wagon trying in an unstable position to catch fishes. The next scene will show the mine wagon and the bear with the fishes all around his neck, he seems a bit sleepy.

The following portions of the attraction aren’t official, and might not be in any particular order, but here are some descriptions.

  • Train going down the hill at high speeds, backwards
  • Going through a Geyser Field
  • Bypass a Dynamite station backwards and into a mine shaft
  • Track will change in the shaft, and the train will be jolted out of the mine in an explosion




As you can see, the attraction has many references to Big Thunder Mountain, Expedition Everest, and Grizzly River Run. Below we have various sketches of the Grizzly bears to be in the attraction. The attraction have very ‘classic’ Marc Davis Disneyland attraction humor, like the Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, or Pirates of the Caribbean, and even his long lost and always remembered Western River Expedition attraction, that was to be built in the Magic Kingdom.


The attraction’s vehicle is quite similar to Expedition Everest’s Steam Donkey, Isn’t it?


Pictures and Information from WDW News Today Network. Thank You Very Much!

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