April 24, 2010

Pics and Pins of the Thunder Mountain of Tokyo

west2_atr_map1 west2_atr_map2 west_atr05_ph1

Opening on July 4, 1987, Tokyo Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain (notice no Railroad at the end), was the first Thunder Mountain outside of the United States. Being built around the same time as Magic Kingdom’s (like the majority of Tokyo Disneyland), it is almost identical to Florida’s version. With a few exceptions:

  • The abandoned town section is replaced by a longer cave before the second lift hill.
  • The station sits on columns rather than on a hillside.
  • The ending is altered. Instead of crossing back over the drop from the third lift hill, the track makes a U-turn before dropping through the Boneyard/geyser scene, passing through a short tunnel, and making a right hand turn into the final brakes. The trains pass in front of the station, and then turn back into the boarding area.



799px-Big_Thunder_Mountain_Entrance_TDL   gallery004 gallery005 

pin4052 pin15845 pin40224 pin61877

Pictures and Information from PinPics, TDR Fan, and AllEarsNet

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