July 2, 2010

Fantasyland Forest Expansion—July 2010


This is our monthly edition of Fantasyland Forest Friday, keeping you up-to-date on the latest happenings over in the Fantasyland area that is being made over into the “Fantasyland Forest”.

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This month brought a few ‘key moments’ in the Fantasyland Expansion. First, in the beginning of the month during the reopening of Disney California Adventure’s Blue Sky Cellar with The Little Mermaid attraction concepts and models. This preview also gave us Floridians (or WDW-ians) a peak at what our Little Mermaid attraction will look like. (Pictures and Video Courtesy of Mint Crocodile and Inside the Magic)

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Inside the Magic also brought a great video from the What’s Now, What’s Next presentation with peaks at the Little Mermaid attraction and some of the effects.

The middle of June 2010 came, and the trees in the Fantasyland area went. Most of the trees and shrubbery from ‘behind the wall’ are now gone. From Mickey’s ToonTown Fair, you can clearly see the back portion of ‘it’s a small world’s’ showbuilding.

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Finally, in the end of June 2010, The Daily Disney’s Jason Garcia of the Orlando Sentinel ‘announced’ the Walt Disney Company had filed for several permits to begin construction of the first ‘phase’ of the Fantasyland Forest Expansion.

On June 21st, it was released that the Walt Disney Company obtained a $15 million permit to begin the Little Mermaid attraction construction.


Later that week, Jason Garcia also released, over Twitter, that the Walt Disney Company had applied for more permits for the Beauty and the Beast/ Belle’s Village area of the expansion. First, by tweeting:

Disney's received more Fantasyland construction permits. One for Be Our Guest restaurant, Gaston's Tavern, Bonjours book shop and bathrooms

He then later tweeted:

Other Disney Fantasyland permits for Enchanted Tales with Belle (valued at $5.3 million) and Village Shop store ($3 million)


The most recent permits (tweeted by Jason Garcia above) lead many to believe that Belle’s Village will be beginning construction shortly, and many fans are eagerly anticipating the beginning of construction. Also with the release of the permits, many wonder what types of ‘shops’ will be in the Village area, many fans hope that the “Bonjours book shop” is going to be an actual book shop, since many have reeled for a book shop, since the closing of the Main Street one.

On a recent trip to the Magic Kingdom (July 1st) it was noticed that more trees have been removed, and the Pooh Tree is now in scaffolding. From Pinocchios Village Haus balcony, you can now see Minnie’s House, Mickey’s House, and a part of Donald’s Boat.

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By standing in Pooh’s Thotful Shop, you can now see the back portion of ‘it’s a small world’s’ show building.

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Pictures and Information from Inside the Magic, Mint Crocodile and The Daily Disney

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