July 20, 2010

Pics and Pins of the Black Cauldron


In a continuation of our 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Black Cauldron, today’s Pics and Pins of Movie Monday features many pins from Disney Animation’s least known, and cult favorite. Surprisingly, this movie features many pins for a movie that wasn’t well-received.



The main protagonists of the film are Taran and Princess Eilonwy, and try to get the Black Cauldron away from ‘evil’.blackcauldron045 blackcauldron497




A group of characters, called ‘The Fairy Folk’ is a group of fairies that add to the film in a little way and give the movie some ‘child appeal’, even though the characters only appear for a short time, they have many pins.




The film combines scenes from the first two books, and uses the Horned King in place of Arawn as the movie's prime antagonist. He looks quite different in the movie; the antlers remain, but he wears a red hooded robe. Instead of a normal human, he appears to be an undead, skeletal creature whose eyes glow red upon being angered or excited and is more on par with a sorcerer. The Horned King seeks the Black Cauldron to bring to life an army of undead soldiers and conquer the world. Deploying his servant, Creeper, the dragon-like Gwythaints and human soldiers, the King seeks out the pig Hen Wen to aid in his quest. He eventually accomplishes his goal, but is thwarted some time later, when Gurgi throws himself into the Cauldron. When he attempts to cast Taran into the Cauldron as well, he ends up being consumed by the Cauldron's power and destroyed.

blackcauldron551 pin77587

pin64151          pin72293


pin24492 pin33246




The Witches of Morva, Orddu, Orgoch, and Orwen are three antagonists of the film. They sold the cauldron for the sword, but also kept the cauldron hidden from humans. They made Taran’s quest for the cauldron hard, and placed many obstacles in the way.

blackcauldron429  pin35788


These final pins feature various characters from the film. Like this first set was released in Disneyland Resort’s Hidden Mickey 2010 Series. It features the five characters on a Black Cauldron background.

Blog_20100113_BlackCauldron   Blog_20100113_BlackCauldron

These final pins were released in 1985 for the release of the movie.

pin17516  pin17518 pin17519

Pictures from PinPics

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