July 9, 2010

Parade of Parades: Jubilation!


Originally to be titled, Treasures On Parade to coincide with the original theme/celebration of the 25th Anniversary, it was later re-titled to Jubilation, but still features original song, Treasure the Moment. The parade began in honor of the 25th Anniversary Tokyo Disney Resort and Tokyo Disneyland, debuting on April 15, 2008. It consists of nine colorful floats that feature several Disney characters in fantastical worlds. Minnie Mouse leads the parade and Mickey Mouse and friends close it.pin61486 pin68583

During the 25th Anniversary year, from April 15, 2008 to April 14, 2009, the parade would stop for show mode four times during its course, once in part A part and once in part B at every section of the parade route. The average number of show mode stops for a Tokyo Disneyland parade is three. In the show mode, a specially arranged version of the song "What Time Is It?" from High School Musical 2 mixed in with the 25th Anniversary theme song "Dream Goes On" would play and guests would be asked to clap their hands and dance along in celebration. Since April 15, 2009, the parade has carried out without stopping for a show mode and removed the "25" from the final float.


P01-0003   P02-0001


P02-0002 P02-0004   P03-0004 P03-0006 P04-0001 P04-0003 P04-0004

P05-0005 pin69009 P06-0001 P07-0002  P08-0003 P08-0004 P08-0005 P09-0005 pin69007  P10-0002

pin69010 P11-0001 P11-0004 pin68988 P12-0001 P12-0003 P12-0004 P13-0004 P14-0003 P14-0005 P15-0003

pin68930 P15-0002  P15-0005 P16-0001

P17-0001 P17-0003


P18-0001 P18-0002

P18-0003 P18-0004

P18-0005 P18-0006

P19-0001 pin69006 P19-0002  P20-0005

Finally, for your enjoyment, we have also featured a video set of this magnificent parade. (Videos by Tkfore21)

Pictures Courtesy of LaughingPlace

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