July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday America!!!

No matter what you call it, the Fourth of July or Independence Day, this day is important to the United States of America History. This day 234 years ago, our Fathers of America, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin signed a  little piece of paper that insured our Freedoms and Liberties from Great Britain. So, whether to you it is the 4th of July or Independence day, it is a day of celebrating and not just Barbeques and Cookouts and Fireworks. It is a day of remembrance and thankfulness for our freedom, and of course if it is a celebration or holiday Disney has pins for it. So in this What Will You Celebrate??? Disney promotion, I would like to Celebrate America. So the next time you are in WDW, grab a I'm Celebrating... Button, and when someone asks "What are you celebrating?", you can answer back "AMERICA!" and you can head the Hall of Presidents or The American Adventure. So lets Celebrate America by saying...

Happy Independence Day!!!
Happy 4th of July!!!

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