July 7, 2010

Unlock Your Dreams…

The original concept was shaped around the notion that Tokyo Disneyland is a treasure trove of special experiences and that guests should unlock those precious moments – hence the original tagline of Treasure The Moments. Unfortunately it transpired that Japanese culture associates the concept of treasure with pirates. Ultimately the idea of unlocking those moments was retained but transposed onto one of the elements from the park’s main tagline to become Unlock Your Dreams. Each of the characters was provided with a special key to help guests unlock their dreams. 25alog003

The changes to the marketing message happened late in the design process for the parade, which was to be the centerpiece for the celebration. Treasures on Parade was changed into Jubilation! However the parade’s creative director Steven Davison and songwriter Matthew Gerrard had already written the theme song for the street spectacle entitled Treasure the Moment and it stayed.

Although the parade is a sumptuous visual spectacle the rest of the park is relatively understated for the anniversary. Guests disembarking from the Disney Resort Line can make out the 25th anniversary logo over the entrance to World Bazaar with a three-dimensional Tinker Bell. The floral bed at the entrance to the park has been replanted to form the numbers “25” and a sculpture of the Fab Five has been erected as a photo opportunity for guests. The location is unusual as typically special event sculptures are located either alongside Partners (at the exit from World Bazaar) or surrounding the gigantic Central Plaza in front of the castle.



World Bazaar itself is under-dressed for the anniversary – the park decided to forgo the centerpiece to the covered structure that has been a staple of many celebrations. The main entrance to Grand Emporium has been decorated with the logo and a Tinker Bell figure. All of the shop windows have been redressed for the birthday though. Walking beyond World Bazaar and Central Plaza looks barren without the usual trappings. The park has set up the usual booths hawking anniversary merchandise and food souvenirs. This year a giant key-shaped keychain is the essential souvenir for all guests it seems.

The castle is also understated for the anniversary although the design is significantly more elegant than the glitzy and garish crowns used for Disneyland’s golden jubilee. Only the two front turrets have been dressed in purple and blue drapes and spiraling coronets have been added. A duplicate of the Tinker Bell (with the key to reinforce the theme) from the entrance to World Bazaar has been mounted on the left turret. The only other decoration can be found in the form of lamppost banners flanking Central Plaza.


Sadly the park opted to drop the castle show (one of the biggest complaints from regular guests) in favor of a small Anniversary Greeting each morning. A single float featuring the Fab Five traverses the parade corridor before idling in front of Cinderella Castle for a small show. The show itself is largely forgettable with a series of songs but you will rarely hear a louder collective gasp and subsequent scream as the show reaches its conclusion. For the finale literally dozens of characters flood out of the castle to mingle with guests. Character interactions are a critically component of any day at Tokyo Disneyland and the opportunity to see so many in one location is rare at this park. The float also passes along the parade corridor several times daily to provide another opportunity for thousands of guests to interact with Mickey and the gang.



Throughout the year, a series of pins were release for significant events/days during the 25th Anniversary Celebration, like the kickoff event, various Holiday events, and holidays like Mother’s Day. The characters on the pins represent the event.

pin60723 pin61691 pin61698 pin62158

pin62874 pin62876 pin63557 pin63559 pin64364 pin64366 pin65406 pin65408 pin66143 pin66145 pin66573 pin66575 pin68088 pin68089

Onto the other Pins/Buttons of the Celebration!

fct_552a8c53fef6aed pin63780

Released for the 25th Anniversary, are these two pins that were inspired by Opening Day (year) shopping bags.

pin61495     pin77948

The symbol for this celebration was the Key, to ‘Unlock’ Your Dreams, this symbol was used in many pins.pin61715 pin61720

Throughout the year the various Game Stations (mainly in Tokyo DisneySEA’s Abu Bazaar in Arabian Coast) prizes, pins were changed out to reflect the celebrations or just themes, but all had 25 on the pins.

pin62013      pin63916   pin65209 pin67047


These two pins, are just a couple of the many pins released for each of the celebrations at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySEA throughout the year, here we have the Halloween and the New Years Celebrations.

pin65724  pin68148

This pin takes the icon, the key, with Tinkerbell in a similar position that she is on the entrance to the park or the Castle, and adds the Finale portion slogan, “The Dream Goes On”.pin67871

These final two pictures feature the 25th Anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort Line (their Monorail), and a pin set, with the Fab 5 plus Tinkerbell, each with a key.pin68444 pin72387

Pictures and Information from LaughingPlace and PinPics

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