August 31, 2010

The Start of a Great Debate: Orange Bird vs. Figment

figment VS. orangebird

After searching for unique ideas for an October 1st posting for the anniversaries of Magic Kingdom and Epcot, I finally came to a Great Debate, thanks to @JeromeFriends, who said it was hard to choose in the most recent GDP Blog Poll (in the side bar). So, in order for this October 1st Posting to be fantastic, I need your help, I need all readers who have any opinion on either Orange Bird and/or Figment to post the opinion (2-5 sentences) on Twitter, through Email, or through my Facebook Messaging. (By sending me your opinion, gives me the right to post the opinion in the formal posting of October 1st’s Great Debate)

There are several steps to this process:

1—Please Vote In Our Great Debate Poll, here on this thread:

Who is the best Original Disney Theme Park Character?

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2—Send me your opinion on either or (or both doesn't matter) by means of Twitter, Facebook,or Email.

Ok, now you’re asking what’s in it for me, well, I’ve come to realize that in order for participation I need to ‘give away’ something, so this Great Debate will give away TWO prizes. (Each will be drawn at random, and all entries must be posted/submitted by September 30, 2010 11pm EST)

Prize #1 will be for those who have participated in the Great Debate Poll, please copy and paste this:

I've Voted In @GDPinvestigator 's Great Debate: Orange Bird Vs. Figment, Have You?

on Twitter, please only post once, as not to clutter/spam your follower’s feeds. Once tweeted, you will be submitted into the drawing, no need to tweet more than once (as you still only be submitted once) All Tweets must be tweeted before September 30, 2010 at 11pm EST.

Prize #2 Comes from those of you who participate by sharing your opinions via Twitter, Email, or Facebook Messaging to me about either Orange Bird and/or Figment (you can do both, or just one). All submissions must be sent in by September 30, 2010 at 11pm EST. All submissions will be entered into the drawing. (If you write a submission on both characters, then you’ll be entered twice, if you write a submission on just one character, then you will be entered only once).

The winners of the contest will be announced in the Official Great Debate Posting on October 1st, 2010.

NOTE: You can enter into BOTH contests (and I hope that you do), but you can only win one of the prizes.

Now, Who’s Ready For the Great Debate??? Submissions and Polls close on September 30, 2010 at 11pm EST. All submissions into the contest may or may not be used in the final Great Debate Posting, it’s up to my discretion, though ALL who submit will be entered into the contest, if you have any questions, feel free to Tweet, Facebook, or Email me.

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